Is GM Pondering a Corvette Sedan to Take on Tesla?
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A Corvette Sedan to Take on Tesla?

According to the latest round of rumors, GM is considering a new, all-electric Corvette sedan to take on the Tesla Model S Plaid.

According to the latest round of rumors, GM is considering a new, all-electric Corvette sedan to take on the Tesla Model S Plaid.

EV enthusiasts were already excited when GM teased the new C8 E-Ray, a hybrid variant of the C8 sportscar. But things got extra-exciting when GM President Mark Reuss said that the company would also offer a “fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette in the future.”

This would get the company started on the right track to follow through on its promise to move to all-electric power in its vehicle lineup by 2035. And now, with a potential Corvette sedan to rival the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan, things could get spicy.

We don’t have any more specifics from Reuss on how such a model could come to market, but the fine folks over at GM Authority have some hypotheses. They believe that it’s most likely going to be a brand-new vehicle and not a retread of the Y2 platform C8. They feel the most likely architecture would be the new GM BEV3.

Whatever architecture this upcoming Corvette sedan will use, it will have to house the next generation of GM’s Ultium batteries and drive motors, so it will need to be a bigger model to squeeze in those new batteries (probably around the size of the Porsche Taycan). And, like any performance-oriented EV, it will definitely come with multiple performance levels in addition to various weight-saving techniques.

We should expect to see this all-electric Corvette by 2025. After that, we may eventually see the rumored electric Corvette SUV You can see how one designer approaches the problem of a “four-door Corvette” in the video, below, then let us know what you think of the idea in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


SRK Designs Chevy Corvette Sedan Concept




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