Alpha Neo is a Radical, Hydrogen-powered E-bike


Alpha Neo is a Radical, Hydrogen-powered E-bike

Alpha Neo

One of the bummers of e-bikes is the long charging time. But what if Alpha Neo hydrogen fuel-cell tech could change that?

French company Pragma Mobility has unveiled the Alpha Neo commuter, which will contain a refillable tank that holds hydrogen under 300 bar of pressure to fuel the battery cells. You could conceivably fill up your e-bike in two minutes at a hydrogen filling station rather than having to wait hours to top up again. After filling up, riders can get over 90 miles of range.

The rear hub motor on the Alpha Neo peaks at 350 W, and it comes with five levels of torque-sensing pedal assist, going up to the European legal standard of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). This e-bike weighs a rather hefty 30 kg (66 lbs), but it does also come with a rear luggage rack, 2-inch reinforced tires on 27.5-inch wheels, and integrated LED lighting.

Alpha Neo
Pragma Mobility

You can pre-order the Alpha Neo for €5,690 (a little over $6,000), or you can try Pragma’s long-term leasing program that starts at €79 per month. Production will start in June 2023 with a limited run of 200 units, and then by year end they’ll have 800 more.



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