All-new Zeekr X Invades Europe
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All-new Zeekr X Invades Europe

Zeekr X front/side view

Zeekr is having a good year so far — and the good times keep rolling with the launch of their latest, all-new crossover EV.

The third car in the brand’s lineup, formerly known as the Zeekr 003, is here. One look at the Zeekr X, and it’s clear that the design team had a lot of fun creating this car. From the high belt line to the hidden door handles, every inch of the car exudes a wild, radical style. The two-tone body, shiny black wheel arches, and frameless doors are just a few of the standout features of the X.

Built on Geely’s SEA platform, it’s similar in size to the Smart #1 and the Volvo XC30, both of which are on the same platform. We may also see the same powertrains as the Smart #1, with a 200 kW rear-wheel drive version and an all-wheel-drive version with 115 kW in the front and 200 kW in the rear. 

And Zeekr claims that the high-performance version of the X will have a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 3 seconds.

The rear of the Zeekr X is particularly eye-catching, with an ultra-small rear window and a spoiler, as well as an illuminated Zeekr nameplate and light bar. The tires on the X are quite possibly the widest ever seen on a hatchback, adding to the car’s bold and wild appearance. The front of the car is also striking, with a wide bulge on the hood and tall light units that run from the hood to the A pillar.

Zeekr plans to release the X in the Chinese car market in early Q2, before expanding to Europe. The X will be the first vehicle in Zeekr’s invasion of Europe, with sales starting in North European markets including Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden.


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