1050 HP Mercedes-AMG One Hybrid Makes Motorsport Debu

1050 HP Mercedes-AMG One Hybrid

Watch the F1-engined AMG One head up the hill at Goodwood

Built to cap off nearly a decade of dominance for Mercedes-AMG engines in Formula 1, the AMG One hybrid is finally ready.

Mercedes-Benz revealed its plans for this Formula 1-powered supercar way back in 2017, and its unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week marked 55 years of AMG and Mercedes working together to achieve technological heights in motorsport … and “5” proved to be an important number, because it was there, 5 years after the car made its debut as an “out there” concept, that the long-awaited Mercedes-AMG ONE has finally made its motorsports debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

This cutting-edge hypercar is stuffed with the “E PERFORMANCE” hybrid drivetrain that is (more or less) the same as the company’s dominant F1 engines. In road-going trim, the drivetrain packs nearly 1,050 HP, and should give motorsports fans a real sense of driving a Formula 1 car on the street — sadly, we won’t get it here in the States (at least, as a road car), as Mercedes-AMG weren’t able to get the car to comply with US road standards without compromising performance (read: gutting the car, utterly). AMG claims that it can be driven for around 11 miles on electric power alone, with fuel economy of about 27 MPG — another impressive achievement in a hypercar with this much performance!

The body design shows the care that Mercedes-AMG put into the ONE, from the air outlets in the front fenders to the rear spoiler that keeps it glued to the ground. Of course, there’s also the F1-style air intake on the roof and the vertical shark fin to help with lateral stability at higher speeds. It is long, low, and broad, with aerodynamics as well as status in mind in the design language. 

Of course, all 275 models that were earmarked for production have already been sold — but that shouldn’t stop you from having some strong opinions about the car. Scroll on down to the comments and let us know what you think of what may be AMG’s last internal-combustion supercar!


F1-engined Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar Makes World Debut




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