Subway Sandwiches Announce EV Charging Bid

Subway Announces EV Charging Bid

Sandwich chain Subway has announced its intention to get into the EV charging business with “Charging Oasis Parks” powered by GenZ.

No, they’re not going to have a bunch of ‘zennial college kids running on treadmills to generate electric power. GenZ is a Florida-based EV charging “solutions provider” that’s partnering with Subway on roadside charging. Through the partnership, the brands, “envision a more seamless experience for EV drivers with the installation of Subway Oasis charging parks at select locations—charging canopies with multiple ports, picnic tables, Wi-Fi, restrooms, green space and even playgrounds. As part of a multi-year plan to rollout the Subway Oasis, smaller-format, fast EV charging stations will be piloted at select, new or newly remodeled restaurants across the US, starting in 2023.”

As far as partnerships go, this one kind of makes sense. Alone among fast-food rivals like McDonald’s or Taco Bell, Subway really doesn’t work as a drive-thru offering. As a longer stop? One that rewards you for spending some time in line creating that perfect sandwich and punishes for trying to get back on the road too quickly by spreading shredded lettuce bits and thinly sliced onions throughout your car? Subway rocks — and that 20-30 minute lunch stop is a perfect time sink for a level 6 or 7 fast charge.

“We’re constantly exploring new ways to innovate and exceed our guests’ expectations for a high-quality, convenient experience,” said Mike Kappitt, Chief Operating and Insights Officer of Subway. “Our partnership with GenZ EV Solutions is a win for our guests, our franchisees and our planet, creating a dedicated space for drivers to charge their vehicle while enjoying their favorite Subway sandwich.”

That’s our take, anyway. What’s yours? Do you think the sandwich people have the right idea here, or is Taco Bell’s similar solar charging partnership going to be your go-to charging stop? Let us know, in the comments.


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