Ford Partners with Nemaska Lithium for Sustainable EV Battery Production
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Ford Partners with Nemaska Lithium for Sustainable EV Battery Production

Ford and Nemaska Lithium partner
  • This partnership could create a more sustainable lithium source for Ford EV batteries.
  • The Ford electric batteries will get lithium hydroxide from Quebec.
  • Nemaska Lithium will provide 13,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year.

In a major stride towards sustainable electric vehicle (EV) battery production, Ford has signed an 11-year agreement with Nemaska Lithium. The partnership aims to uphold a socially responsible North American battery supply chain.

Nemaska Lithium is scheduled to commence delivery of 13,000 tons of lithium hydroxide per year, produced at its Bécancour facility. The interim period will see Nemaska Lithium supplying Ford with spodumene concentrate from its Whabouchi mine.

A More Sustainable and Affordable Future

According to Lisa Drake, Ford’s vice president of EV Industrialization, Model e, the Nemaska Lithium project will improve the accessibility of EVs for all. She says: “We are proud to work with Nemaska Lithium and its partners, Livent and Investissement Québec. The Nemaska Lithium project will be a sustainable source of lithium, supporting Ford’s ability to scale and helping us make EVs more accessible and affordable over time to millions of customers.”

Ford is already experimenting with alternatives for the typical lithium-ion battery and has released a lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LFP battery) that will go into its standard range Mustang Mach-e models. This should reduce the brand’s reliance on other materials while bringing costs down for customers.

Ford’s commitment to establishing sustainable and responsible practices is shared by Nemaska Lithium. Its lithium hydroxide promises to meet standards of quality and sustainability, touting one of the lowest carbon footprints in the lithium industry. This initiative should help qualify Ford vehicles for consumer tax benefits.

Gervais Jacques, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nemaska Lithium, says: “We are honored to have Ford as a major customer of Nemaska Lithium. This long-term agreement with a global leader in the automotive industry and in the development of electric vehicles is a tribute to the strength of Nemaska Lithium’s project and the quality of the product we will supply. It also strengthens our position as a major player in the development of the battery industry in Québec and Canada.” 


Nemaska Lithium and its Partners

Nemaska Lithium is co-owned by Investissement Québec, the economic development agency of the Québec government, and Livent, a global leader in lithium technology.

Livent, with nearly 80 years of expertise as a lithium chemical supplier, was appointed by Nemaska Lithium’s Board of Directors to exclusively undertake the sales and marketing efforts for Nemaska Lithium’s products. Additionally, Livent assists Nemaska Lithium with the planning and construction management of both the Whabouchi and Bécancour sites.

“We are excited to support Québec in its development of a domestic battery supply chain, and to develop a relationship with Ford as it focuses on developing electric vehicles built on a strong, North American supply chain,” added Paul Graves, President and Chief Executive Officer of Livent and Board Member of Nemaska Lithium.

In an industry set for exponential growth, the partnership between Ford and Nemaska Lithium signifies a promising shift toward creating sustainable and socially responsible supply chains. By sourcing lithium hydroxide locally, Ford can reduce its carbon footprint and support the local economy. 

The move also fosters greater transparency and control over the sustainability of materials used in battery production. This could potentially stimulate other industry leaders to adopt similar measures. 


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