07/08/2022 - Electrify News Site
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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
The one where the old-school cool Renault Le Car is reimagined as a new-age fashion icon that just happens to be electric.
Have you seen the one about the big trucks that burn 1800 gallons of diesel to make just 1 electric car? Yeah – that one’s a lie.
Imagine a military jet being refueled in-flight by tanker aircraft— except it’s an EV, it’s on the ground, and everything’s electric.



auto dealer at Electrify Expo explaining EV features to a group of people standing next to car.

Empowering Auto Dealer Sales Reps: Electrify Expo 2024 Offer

Image showcasing LG Energy Solution and Honda today marked Leap Day by erecting the final structural steel beam at the joint venture's new EV battery production facility being constructed near Jeffersonville, Ohio.

Honda EV Battery Plant Hits Milestone with Final Structural Beam Placement

Image showcasing 2024 Hyundai Motor Group Tucson Plug-In Hybrid PHEV

Hyundai Motor Group Dominate February Sales, Setting New Records