VW Announces Off-road Electric Scout Spinoff to Take on Jeep, Rivian
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VW Announces Off-road Electric Scout Spinoff

Volkswagen shocked the automotive world today when it announced plans to bring a new-age, electrified International Scout SUV and trucklet to market by 2026.

News of the new VW spin-off brand comes hot on the heels of rumors that Ford– who makes the 60s-inspired Bronco and all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning– would be collaborating with Volkswagen on a new, compact electric truck, and seems to indicate that the branded Scout off-roader will (like the Bronco) be aimed squarely at the Jeep Wrangler.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is the design sketch released by Volkswagen yesterday, which hinted that the upcoming electric truck would look a lot like the Rivian R1T. Like, a lot. See for yourself.


Volkswagen Scout Teaser


It’s almost impossible to believe that the similarity is a coincidence, and VW’s electric vehicle marriage to Ford in Europe and China now seems like a plausible enough reason for the Blue Oval brand to begin to distance itself from Rivian, even separate from the billions Ford lost gambling on Rivian.

Happy wife, happy life– you know?

It’s hard to glean too much information from the light teaser sketch VW released, above– so we won’t try. Instead, we’re going to share some pictures of another reborn electric Scout concept shown off on THE VANGUARD and just suggest that this would be something we might like to see come from VW when the new SUV comes to market. Check it out for yourself, then lets us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


THE VANGUARD Scout Concept




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  1. Why not build a usefull vehicle for Farmers and hunters that can take a one tonne load. The market exists. Electric vehicles is ideal for farmers as they rearly travel more than 400 km per day and weight does not matter. Have a look at Toyotas Land Cruiser. Its been around for 50 years and sales still outstrip production. Im not too enthusiastic about the Ford VW marrige.

    1. Great points. Solectrac and Monarch tractor are working on EV tractors, as is Polaris (in the UTV space, at least). The weight of the batteries actually HELPS in ag, and the long run costs are far below diesel.

      1. No one cares about you. That’s just as viable a market as wanna be hipsters like you. I don’t know you so I’m not sure if you wanna be a hipster. You’re just a wanna be.

    2. The hardcore followers of the international Harvester line of light trucks is huge! If vw wants to succeed in developing and selling the shit out of their electric suv make it as close to the scout II as possible with all the best in cockpit bells and whistles AND make it more than trail ready with lockers front and rear, 33”x10.5×16 tires and Dana 44 diffs and it will ba a winner that outsells Jeep 3 to 1. Mark my words. I’ll be gettin One for sure if that’s the case.

  2. Not much to say about whatever Ford/VW is doing but those concept renders for the Vanguard Scout Concept are killer. Somebody build THAT!

  3. Why don’t vw not make the Tri-ton ( Transporter) truck…… electric…
    It doesn’t have a lot of futures and looks good also…
    I’ll be happy to test it for you.

  4. The thing with all great ideas is that they look awesome on paper but by the time it hits the showroom, it won’t look ANYTHING like the design pics. It’ll be a staid, overweight, round and bulbous blob like the new defender.

    The Ford/VW aliance is also terrible… It’ll be made from plastic, gum, plastic, hopes+dreams…

    1. Sounds like some old-school thinking. The Taycan looks a lot like the Mission E, the IONIQ 5 is almost identical to the concept, and even the IONIQ 6 looks a lot like the Prophecy. Even the Mercedes EQS looks like the last round of concepts– I think great comment, about 10 years too late.

  5. As an owner of several scouts I’ll offer this: If Volkswagon wants to sell “Scouts” then they’d better make ‘em LOOK like ols school Scouts . Otherwise , they’ll never appeal to the market that loves Scout. If they make a design fiasco like Ford did with the ‘bronco’ then alles ist kaput.

    1. the problem with “the market that loves Scouts”, is that they are in their eighties and nineties….driving electric becomes an issue…hell, driving becomes an issue….

  6. I have a 78 scout and every where I go some one wants to buy it. The new ones need to look similar. I used to work at dealer

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