Veo Adds 2-up E-bike to Rideshare Fleets
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Veo Adds 2-up E-bike to Rideshare Fleets


There is an irony that many rideshares only offer solo options – but now Veo is adding a 2-seat bike to its electric rideshare fleet.

This two-seater is a Class II electric bike named the Apollo, and it has a longer saddle that allows riders carry more cargo or take a second person along for a ride. The throttle-assist motor is rated at 750 W, with a top speed of 15 mph. It has a solid commuter range, getting up to 45 miles on a single charge, and a payload capacity of up to 400 pounds, which would be necessary if you want to fit two people on one of these (or one average-sized American).

As for safety features, Veo has included some basics like the display system that shows battery level, speed, and riding zone data. One interesting safety feature that the Apollo has is the simulated electric motor noise – a feature that is becoming more common on electric vehicles of all sizes. While this means this e-bike won’t exactly be helping with noise pollution, it will help alert other people on the road when you’re nearby.

“The Apollo was developed in direct response to insights from rider surveys, feedback from municipalities, and global research that indicates the immense need for safe tandem riding and cargo hauling. By opening up micromobility to new riders and new trip types, we can reduce car dependency and help cities advance their ambitious climate goals,” said co-founder and CEO of Veo, Candice Xie.

Chicago-based Veo claims to be the first profitable electric micromobility company in the industry. It does have its own in-house R&D department, where the company gets to develop its fleet of vehicles with proprietary technology to address new needs within the market. 


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