SONDORS Metacycle Gets Real as Deliveries Begin
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Sondors Metacycle Gets Real

SONDORS prepping its low-cost electric motorcycle for delivery

The SONDORS Metacycle wowed two-wheel fans when it made its debut as a slick, modern electric concept. Now, it’s real!

It looks like Malibu-based e-bike maker SONDORS is finally starting deliveries of its Metacycle. The electric motorcycle has been beset by production delays, design changes, and price increases ever since its unveiling in early 2021, but it had made waves as potentially the first affordable e-motorcycle at $5,000.

Since then, of course, other affordable e-motorcycles have been announced, like the Ryvid Anthem, or even already released, like the Kollter ES1. And now, if you go to reserve your Metacycle on the SONDORS website, you’ll be quoted $6,500 (and you’ll obviously still have to pay extra for taxes and the delivery charges, too).

But photos were emailed to pre-order customers at the end of July, showing warehouse images of multiple Metacycles in their steel shipping cages and looking ready to go. SONDORS founder, Storm Sondors, was personally on site for the first delivery, and the first deliveries to pre-order customers has already begun.

The Metacycle has some fun specs, like the cast “exo-frame” with a narrow profile and a sculpted ergonomic saddle, which SONDORS says makes the bike accessible to virtually any rider. A 4 kWh battery offers up to 80 miles on a single charge, while the compact 15 A/1.2 kW charger will allow for a complete charge from a standard U.S. home outlet in 3 hours and 45 minutes (and reaching 80% charge from 0 in about two hours). The battery itself weighs only around 7 pounds, and is easily removable.

So, if SONDORS can finally get these motorcycles out the door and into customers’ garages, the company will still be able to brag about being one of the first to get an affordable and desirable electric motorcycle on the road – and they didn’t even need a fake exhaust noise to sell out the entire production run!


SONDORS Metacycle – Ready to Turn Heads



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