Dodge Charger Goes Electric, Gets Fake Exhaust Noises
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Dodge Charger Goes Electric

Dodge just took the wraps off an all-electric muscle car concept that packs a massive, 126 db speaker to make fake engine noises.

The all-electric Charger Daytona SRT Concept was unveiled in Pontiac, Michigan, during the three-day Dodge Speed Week event that featured new product announcements and public reveals of new Stellantis-built cars.

The 800V Charger stole the show, however, with Stellantis execs pinning high hopes on the new car. “The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept exists because performance made us do it,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand’s CEO. “Dodge is about muscle, attitude and performance, and the brand carries that chip on its shoulder and into the BEV segment through a concept loaded with patents, innovations, and performance features that embody the electrified muscle of tomorrow. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept can do more than run the car show circuit; it can run a blazing quarter-mile. And when it comes to product cycles, it outruns Darwin. Charger Daytona does more than define where Dodge is headed, it will redefine American muscle in the process.”

The new Charger concept has a few trick features that the official press release calls “game-changing” in the EV space. To wit, those are:

  • R-Wing: A unique aerodynamic pass-through design feature that connects the concept with its iconic Dodge Daytona namesake
  • Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust: Industry-first BEV exhaust, can reach 126 dB, making it as loud as a Hellcat-powered Dodge
  • eRupt: Multi-speed transmission with an electro-mechanical shifting experience that’s pure Dodge

You’re not hallucinating. Dodge has built an electric car that plays extra-loud, internal combustion engine sounds through speakers aimed OUTSIDE the car, at an ear-splitting 126 decibels (for the record, serious hearing damage can occur above 120 db).

Guys– we, I … there’s just no way to take this thing seriously at this point, is there? Dodge is talking about redefining American muscle with this car, but muscles don’t make noise. Farts make noise, and that’s a logical path that the Stellantis people probably don’t want to go down, you know? And that’s too bad, because this car, without the ridiculous gimmicks, could have been cool.

That’s our take, anyway. What’s yours? Do you think the future of electrified performance is intertwined with fake engine noises and “No Fear” window stickers, or is Stellantis’ plan to pander to people who’ve already decided an EV isn’t for them doomed to fail? Scroll on down to comments and let us know!


Introducing the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept




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  1. The phoney sound is a lame. Who needs it as everyone knowns its an electric car. How far does it go on a charge and will it work in a canadian winter. How long do the batteries last and how much to replace them. What will old batteries do to the environment and how are they disposed of and at what cost. Nice in theory but the technology is not there yet to use these as a regular driver. The design is nice but put a hemi in it and it will sell. I wish you luck at selling these when you won’t get them out of the garage in a Canadian winter.

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