Newport Reveals Electric Kayak Motor

Newport Reveals Electric Kayak Motor

Electric outboard motor Newport

Electric outboard motor tech is changing the game for boaters with whisper-quiet operation that’s nearly maintenance free!

Electric outboard motor technology is revolutionizing the boating experience, providing a whisper-quiet operation that demands minimal maintenance. This transformative shift is evident with the introduction of Newport Vessels, a renowned name in electric trolling motors, into the electric outboard market. Their latest offerings, the NT300 Electric Outboard Motor and the NK300 Electric Kayak Motor, are set to redefine how boaters approach their journeys. Equipped with a remarkable peak power rating of 1.3 kW, these motors possess the power equivalent to that of a 3 hp gas motor.


Innovative Design and Enhanced Performance: Unveiling the Advanced Features of Our Electric Outboard Motors and Battery Options

Distinguishing itself from conventional designs, the motor employs a brushless configuration, further enhanced by the integration of field-oriented control technology (FOC). This strategic implementation not only elevates control precision but also optimizes efficiency across the entire spectrum of torque and speed. Two distinct variations are available: the NK300 with a conventional outboard setup, and the kayak-specific version, featuring a truncated shaft and a horizontal bracket. Notable features shared by both models encompass a digital readout on the tiller/throttle and a crucial emergency magnetic stop key, prioritizing safety without compromise.

Integral to the performance of these electric outboard motors are the 36 V lithium-ion batteries, conveniently available for purchase through Newport. Enthusiasts can choose between two battery options: the 36V30 boasting 30 amps and 1.08 kWh of energy storage, or the 36V40, featuring 40 amps and 1.44 kWh of storage capacity. The prowess of the motors in terms of speed and range is intrinsically linked to the dimensions and weight of the vessel they power.

Enhanced Propulsion Solutions and Affordable Outboard Motors for Water Enthusiasts

The Newport NT300 Electric Outboard Motor is attractively priced at an MSRP of $999, while the NK300 Kayak Motor offers an engaging upgrade for kayak fishing enthusiasts at a retail price of $1,299. For those seeking complete propulsion solutions, the batteries, complete with a charger, can be acquired separately. The 36V30 variant is available for an additional $849, while the higher-capacity 36V40 option comes in at $949.

A standout aspect of Newport’s commitment lies in their dedication to mitigating environmental impact on fragile water ecosystems, particularly in small waterways and shallow habitats. As highlighted by Josh Neville, Newport’s head of marketing, the days of the traditional gas-powered outboard motor are gradually yielding to the electric revolution. By embracing the power of electric motors, Newport is steering boating into a more sustainable, quieter, and efficient future. This transition not only aligns with their ethos but also underscores their proactive role in shaping the future of waterborne exploration.


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