Newport Reveals Electric Kayak Motor


Newport Reveals Electric Kayak Motor

Electric outboard motor Newport

Electric outboard motor tech is changing the game for boaters with whisper-quiet operation that’s nearly maintenance free!

Newport, one of the leading names in electric trolling motors, has now entered the electric outboard market with the launch of the NT300 Electric Outboard Motor and the NK300 Electric Kayak Motor. Both motors have a peak power rating of 1.3 kW, making them equivalent to at least a 3 hp gas motor.

The motor is brushless and incorporates field-oriented control technology (FOC) to improve control and efficiency over the full torque and speed ranges. The NK300 has a standard outboard setup, while the kayak version has a truncated shaft and horizontal bracket. Both come with a digital readout on the tiller/throttle and an emergency magnetic stop key.


The motors require a 36 V lithium-ion battery (which can be purchased from Newport). There are two options to choose from: the 36V30 with 30 amps and 1.08 kWh of energy storage, or the 36V40 with 40 amps and 1.44 kWh of storage. The speed and range of the motors depend on the size and weight of the boat.

The Newport NT300 Electric Outboard has an MSRP of $999, while the NK300 Kayak Motor retails for $1,299. Batteries with a charger cost an additional $849 for the 36V30 and $949 for the 36V40.

Newport says it is committed to reducing environmental impacts on small waterways and shallow water habitats, and these new electric outboards help with that goal. As Josh Neville, head of marketing at Newport, puts it, “The traditional gas-powered outboard might be the way of the past, but the way forward is electric.”



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