Protect Your Wheels with AlloyGator Wheel Protectors: A New Level of Defense
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Protect Your Wheels with AlloyGator Wheel Protectors: A New Level of Defense

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors group colors
  • Made from tough nylon composite, AlloyGator Wheel Protectors offer strong rim protection with a 3-point locking system, designed to withstand rough roads and curbing.
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including electric cars, AlloyGators come in 15 colors to suit various styles, from subtle to bold.
  • With 45 global patents and OE approval, AlloyGator has sold over 4 million units and offers a network of over 500 trained fitters for installation in the United States.

Worried about damaging your electric car’s wheels? AlloyGator has the perfect solution. With their innovative wheel protectors, you can drive with confidence, knowing your wheels are safe from curbing and other common damage. Made from a super-tough nylon composite with added UV stabilizer and impact modifier, AlloyGators are designed to withstand the roughest of roads.

AlloyGators fit snugly between your car’s wheel and tire, held in place by a 3-point locking system with locking teeth, diamond grips, and robust stainless-steel clips. This engineering ensures a secure fit, providing reliable rim protection, even in challenging conditions. These unique protectors are the result of nearly fifteen years of product development, making AlloyGator a world-leading wheel protection system.

“AlloyGator is the only truly engineered wheel protection solution on the market,” stated Patrick Fletch, Director of Business Development of AlloyGator North America. This emphasis on engineering excellence is backed by recognition from industry leaders, with AlloyGator wheel protectors earning prestigious awards like Auto Express Product of the Year and SEMA honors. The company has secured over 45 global patents, reinforcing its position as a market leader in tire and wheel protection.

Beyond their impressive durability, AlloyGators also offer style. With 15 color options, you can choose from subtle rim protection or something bolder and more eye-catching. The rounded edges and matte finish complement the look of your wheels, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for protection. Whether you have chrome wheels or custom rims, AlloyGators are designed to suit your style while keeping your rims safe.

These protectors aren’t just for specific brands or models—they work with a wide range of vehicles, including electric cars like Tesla. If you want reliable Tesla rim protection or need a rim protection strip, AlloyGators are the perfect fit. And if you’re wondering how to protect chrome wheels, these protectors are designed to safeguard even the most delicate rims.


“AlloyGators have been a world-recognized market leader for over a decade,” Fletch explains. “Our Wheel Protection has OE approval from multiple brands and MIRA and TUV approval, with over 4 million AlloyGators sold worldwide.” The company also features a network of over 500 trained AlloyGator fitters in the United States, so you can easily find a professional to install your wheel protectors. To locate a fitter near you, visit the company’s website.

Want to see AlloyGators in action? The company invites you to check out their products at all eight Electrify Expo shows in 2024, where you can witness the robust wheel protection system in person. Keep an eye on their social media platforms – X/Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook – for event details and product updates.

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors in orange

If you’re looking for extra confidence on the road, AlloyGator wheel protectors are just what you need. They combine protection with a stylish design, keeping your wheels safe and looking sharp, no matter where you’re driving. For more information, visit AlloyGator Engineered with teeth.



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