TOPDON Releases the EV Rescue 5K
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TOPDON Releases the EV Rescue 5K

TOPDON EV Rescue 5K portable emergency EV rescue sitting on the back of a truck

With the advent of the EV Rescue 5k, TOPDON is revolutionizing the aftermarket for electric vehicles (EVs). Departing from its traditional diagnostic line, the company has introduced this innovative tool that significantly enhances the service capability of tow trucks for EVs. Instead of towing an EV to the nearest charging station, service providers can initiate the recharging process right on the road, providing enough power for the vehicle to cover an additional twenty miles. This saves valuable time and money for both customers and towing services.

Additionally, the EV Rescue 5k is a mobile electric generator, making it an essential tool in closed-air environments where minimizing fumes is paramount. The charging system is equipped with various AC & DC output connectors and can deliver a continuous power supply of 4,800 watts, with a peak power (3 sec) of 5,800W.

The mobile electric generator contributes to environmental sustainability, offsetting approximately 44 lbs. of CO2 every 8 hours. This step by TOPDON strengthens its position in the automotive diagnostic industry and showcases its commitment to eco-friendly practices. Those needing a consistent voltage power supply can also benefit from this device, which operates silently and without producing harmful emissions. 

With its clean and renewable power source, the EV RESCUE 5k offers a cost-effective solution that causes no noise pollution and incurs no additional costs. Users can access portable power free of harmful emissions by simply flipping a switch. This cutting-edge mobile electric generator can also serve as a supplementary or total replacement for traditional gas or diesel generators, marking yet another step towards more sustainable practices in the automotive industry.


“This is an exciting expansion for TOPDON. We put a lot of thought and work into this. The result is a truly standout tool for the industry, enhancing the service a tow company can provide. Our mission is to create tools that offer truly useful innovations to users, and the EV Rescue 5k achieves just that,” says Chad Schnitz, TOPDON Vice President. 

TOPDON EV Rescue 5k Technical Specifications

Charging Times (0 to 90% SOC)

1x AC input (120VAC,1,200W): 5 hours

2×2 AC input (120VAC 2,400W): 2.5 hours

AC Output

 120 VAC pure sine wave (THD <3%)

 60Hz, single phase, 40A Max continuous

 Charging Ports

 AC input: 2 x 125 VAC 20 Amp receptacle (NEMA 5-15P type)



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