Lectron EV Chargers to be Sold at Home Depot

Lectron EV Chargers to be Sold at Home Depot

Lectron home ev charger selling at Home Depot, charging a red Tesla Model S
  • Lectron offers convenient at-home and portable chargers for Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles, with 5 models soon available at Home Depot. 
  • The Lectron V-BOX EV Charging Station delivers Level 2 charging at speeds up to 11.52 kWh.
  • Lectron also offers adaptors to give Tesla and non-Tesla drivers access to more EV charging stations. 

As more consumers buy electric vehicles, at-home and public charging must become more convenient. One manufacturer – Lectron – is changing the way EV drivers purchase portable and at-home chargers. Lectron has announced it will sell five EV chargers through its online store and at Home Depot stores around the country.

Introducing the Speedy V-BOX EV Charging Station

Lectron has also released the V-BOX EV Charging Station, which it plans to sell alongside its four models of Level 1 and portable Level 2 chargers. 

The Lectron V-BOX EV Charging Station provides high-speed Level 2 charging. It works with Tesla EVs and non-Tesla models with J1772 ports. To make charging easy it has a 20-foot cable and mount for storage. It can be used with a NEMA 14-50 outlet or hardwired for up to 240 volts or 48 amps for speedy at-home charging with speeds up to 11.52 kWh. The V-BOX EV Charging Station has an IP55 weatherproof rating so it can be exposed to rain and dust. 

Portable EV Charging Options

The Lectron Level 2 EV Charger is a portable charging with 9.6 kWh thanks to its ability to use a NEMA 14-50 outlet with 240 volts or 40 amps. Lectron also offers a Level 1 EV Charger that adds up to 1.65 kWh through a standard 110-volt household outlet. This is a perfect charger for short commutes with a lack of public charging options

Lectron also offers two adaptors. One offers non-Tesla EVs to use Tesla chargers. The Tesla-to-J1772 EV Adaptor works with all Tesla High Powered Wall Connectors and Destination Chargers. It’s compatible with any EV equipped with a J1772 port. 

The manufacturer also offers a J1772-to-Tesla EV Adaptor that lets Tesla drivers have access to non-Tesla public Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations. It is compatible with all Tesla cars and SUVs. 

Christopher Maiwald, the Founder and CEO of Lectron, said about his brand: “Our best-in-class charging solutions address compatibility issues and range anxiety head-on. We are excited to collaborate with The Home Depot to offer a range of charging stations, portable chargers, and adapters to their valued customers.”



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