Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Charging Robot
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Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Charging Robot

Image showcasing Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot
  • Continental Engineering Services’ EV Charging Robot redefines the EV charging experience.
  • Experience the amazing Charging Robot with an interactive demonstration at CES 2024.
  • The Charging Robot eliminates the hassles of traditional EV charging methods.

Imagine never having to struggle with plugging in your electric car again. Instead, you drive into a parking spot, and like clockwork, an EV charging robot takes care of charging your vehicle all on its own. Well, that future has arrived, you’ll get to experience it firsthand at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2024. The Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot eliminates the complexities of traditional charging methods, delivering an automated and effortless charging process.

Image showcasing Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot - ground-unit

Continental Engineering Services brings you a cutting-edge solution designed to transform your EV charging experience. The Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot operates using a dual-unit system, which includes a vehicle unit securely attached to the vehicle’s floor and a ground unit placed strategically in the assigned charging spot. The vehicle seamlessly aligns itself with the ground unit for optimal charging. Once the positioning is verified successfully, the ground unit and the vehicle establish a connection, starting the charging procedure. At your request or upon completion of the charging cycle, an automated disconnection takes place.

The EV Charging Robot’s Ground Unit

The ground unit of the Continental Engineering Services EV Charging Robot remains fixed on the parking place. A key aspect of the ground unit is its ability to locate the vehicle’s connector and establish communication with the vehicle unit.


The ground unit guides the vehicle operator by indicating the position of the connectors from the ground unit to the vehicle unit. Once the vehicle is correctly positioned, the ground unit promptly establishes the electrical contact necessary for EV charging. This system is designed with safety as a paramount concern; the electrical contacts remain guarded until the connection is firmly established.

The EV Charging Robot’s Vehicle Unit

The Continental Engineering Services EV Charging Robot’s vehicle unit is mounted underneath the car. It houses a drawer that serves a dual purpose: to protect the connector while the vehicle is in motion and to become accessible for charging when required. The vehicle unit sends signals to the ground unit, indicating the relative position of the ground unit to the car.

Image showcasing Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot - vehicle unit

Advanced Charging Technology: Efficient, Safety and Added Benefits

In contrast to wireless EV charging, this technology offers several advantages. It exhibits remarkable efficiency gains, significantly reduces electromagnetic emissions, and enhances safety by eliminating the need for foreign object detection. Beyond these benefits, it also enables the integration of automated parking functionality, allowing users to conveniently control and monitor the charging process through a mobile application.

Moreover, it is retrofittable and incorporates automated energy cost optimization, considering fluctuations in daily electricity rates and scheduled departure times. Additionally, it optimizes battery life through the automated selection of charging current based on the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and the available charging duration, all while simplifying system integration.

A Unique Design

Differing from traditional cable-based charging methods, this approach offers a seamless and hassle-free experience for drivers. It fully automates the charging process, requiring no manual tasks from the driver apart from positioning the vehicle, eliminating the need to handle dirty or wet cables and ensuring a comfortable experience even in inclement weather. Additionally, it simplifies the process by allowing remote initiation of charging, reducing the risk of forgetting to connect the charging cable.


The sleek and discreet design of the ground unit conceals the charging station, enhancing aesthetics and reducing the risk of vandalism, making it an elegant solution for electric vehicle owners. The design is also retrofit-friendly, accommodating various vehicle models.

Image showcasing Seamless EV Charging at CES 2024 with Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot

Continental Engineering Services Charging Robot goes beyond charging, offering advanced features such as automated parking and energy cost optimization. With its automated parking capabilities, the Continental Engineering Services EV Charging Robot simplifies the driver’s experience, providing a seamless and hassle-free solution.



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