Gravity Unveils 500kW EV Charging: Ultra-Fast in Compact Design
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Gravity Unveils 500kW EV Charging: Ultra-Fast in Compact Design

Image showcasing GravityKW EV Home Ultra Fast Charging with UL Certification
  • Gravity’s new 500kW EV chargers are the first to receive UL certification.
  • These compact chargers can provide a 200-mile range in just 5 minutes.
  • Gravity’s DEAPs™ seamlessly integrate EV batteries into the electrical grid for efficient power sharing.

Gravity has unveiled their latest 500kW EV charging systems, and guess what? They’re the first of their kind to get the thumbs-up after passing UL Solutions’ stringent tests.

Now, here’s the real kicker. These next-gen chargers, even though they’re about the size of your typical AC/Level 2 charger, promise charging speeds that are a whopping “90-times faster.” Let that sink in. This literally means we can get our vehicles juiced up for a 200-mile ride with just five minutes of charging. Yep, you heard that right – five minutes. That’s quicker than my last coffee break!

Image showcasing GravityKW EV Home Ultra Fast Charging with UL Certification with Tesla Model 3

The real-world implications? “Unlocking the fastest charging available anywhere in the country”, especially in those super-tight parking spots in big cities. Speaking of which, New Yorkers, you’re in for a treat. The first batch of these chargers will soon be operational at Gravity’s flagship facility in Midtown Manhattan.

One might wonder, “How legit is this?” Well, UL Solutions’ green light isn’t handed out lightly. After extensive and rigorous testing, six of Gravity’s chargers and two of their power cabinets received the esteemed certification. This stamp of approval isn’t just any badge; it’s an assurance of safety and performance that both public and private entities seriously look for when considering EV infrastructure. 

Taking a deeper look into what Gravity is offering, we find something called “Distributed Energy Access Points” or DEAPs™. Now, this isn’t just a fancy name. DEAPs are all about incorporating the EV and its battery into the electrical grid, ensuring a smooth flow and transfer of high-capacity power. The beauty of it? Gravity’s systems can manage power distribution across numerous DEAPs, ensuring each vehicle gets a full charge in its desired timeframe. And all of this without burdening the existing utility infrastructure. Sounds like a win-win to me!


Moshe Cohen, the brain behind Gravity, seems super pumped about this breakthrough. He believes that these DEAPs signify “a giant leap forward for the industry”, likening the speed and cost efficiency to filling up a gas tank. On the other hand, Milan Dotlich from UL Solutions commended Gravity’s commitment to safety and sustainability in the EV sphere.

Before I sign off, here’s a quick technical snapshot:

  • 500kW Chargers: 4 of Gravity’s DEAPs, fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Size-wise? No bigger than your weekend carry-on.
  • 200kW Chargers: 2 DEAPs designed for on-street charging or indoor parking.
  • Power Cabinets: 2 units, capable of dynamic energy management across charging sites and even entire buildings.

So, the next time someone mentions EV chargers around you, remember, it’s not just about charging anymore. It’s about smart, swift, and super-efficient energy solutions. Thanks to companies like Gravity, the EV charging game just got a turbocharged revamp. And honestly? We’re here for it.


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