Volcon Stag is the 80 MPH Electric ATV You've Been Waiting For!
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Volcon Stag is the 80 MPH eATV You Want

Texas-based Volcon launches 80 MPH ‘Stag’ electric UTV with 100+ miles of range

With an 80 MPH top speed, supercar acceleration, and a capable off-road suspension, the new Volcon Stag is the one you’ve been waiting for!

Every once in a while, we get a happy surprise in our inbox — and today was one of those onces. Meet the all-new Volcon Stag, and all-electric side-by-side UTV that’s destined to raise the bar for the electric ATV market for years to come … at least, until the Vanderhall Brawley lands.

That UTV is still an “if” though. The Stag is here now, and the four-seat adventurer is leading the class with more than 125 HP (with more than 140 HP available in short bursts) and 265 lb-ft of instant, 0 rpm electric torque on hand to blast its occupants from 0 to the claimed 80 mph top speed in less time than it probably took you to read this sentence.

“Volcon Stag offers exhilarating performance and an unmatched driving experience,” reads the official copy. “The electric motor provides a flat torque curve delivering instant power the moment you touch the pedal, resulting in unparalleled off-road acceleration … selectable driving modes optimize performance or range according to the driver’s needs. ECO mode maximizes range with smooth power delivery, while Sport mode provides a more aggressive throttle response for better acceleration.”

We haven’t had a chance to experience the Volcon Stag firsthand, yet, but we’ll definitely report back on first impressions as soon as that happens. Until then, check out the full list of released specs and press photos, and let us know what you think of this new electric ATV in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Pricing starts at $39,999.

Horsepower:125 / above 140 HP
Torque:265 lb-ft of TQ
Range:above 100 miles
Charge Time:less than 6 hours
Motor:107 kW
Battery:42 kWh
Top Speed:80 mph
Payload:1,550 lbs
Bed Volume:13.4 / 26.7 cu-ft
Wheel Base:121″
Vehicle Width:64″
Towing:2,000 lbs.
Capacity:4 people + their stuff
Drivetrain:4WD on demand




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    1. We’re not the manufacturer. Go to the Volcon website and they’ll be able to answer your questions in re: KZN.

    1. I don’t think they’re for sale in SA, yet. Check the company website for dealers.

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