Cruise Around Town in the Cutest Little EV: The Microlino Lite
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Cruise Around Town in the Cutest Little EV: The Microlino Lite

  • The Microlino Lite is expected to become an approved Neighborhood Electric Vehicle in the United States.
  • The adorable Micro EV has a range of about 62 miles thanks to its entry-level 5.5-kWh battery pack.
  • The two-passenger small electric car maxes out at 28 mph, making it ideal for cruising around neighborhoods and beach-front towns.

Mazda Miata. MINI EV. Microlino Lite. These three cars have a few things in common. Firstly, they are the most adorable vehicles on the road. Secondly, they are as fun to drive as they are cute. Thirdly, they are easy to park — but nothing is easier to park than the Microlino Lite small electric car.


Perfect for Big Cities and Beach Towns

Swiss automaker Micro showed off the adorable mini EV the Microlino Lite at the Geneva Motor Show. While this electric mini car for adults doesn’t have much more power than an electric bike, it’s perfect for big cities and for e-bike drivers who want a bit more protection.

The Cutest Little Specs

The Microlino Lite maxes out at all of 28 mph and isn’t yet available in the United States. But, rumor has it that the little bean car could be on its way soon. European Microlino price translates to about $19,500 in the U.S., and European drivers can lease it for about $169 per month.

The Lite measures 8 feet 2 inches long, 4 feet 11 inches long, and 4 feet 11 inches tall. It weighs in at 1,320 pounds. It has a 5.5-kWh battery pack that charges to 80% in about two hours with a Level 2 charger. The Micro EV travels about 62 miles on a single charge. An 11-kWh battery pack is available.

The Microlino Lite fits two people, and three Microlino Lites can fit into one parking spot. The two-seater comes loaded with a steering wheel, sunroof, LED headlights, a heater, and a trunk that fits 8 cubic feet. This little bug is ideal for city dwellers who need a quick grocery getter that is cheap, easy to park, and quick to charge. Doggos love them, and kids fit easily in them. Mini cars for adults like these are safer than bicycles, especially in cities filled with ginormous trucks and SUVs.


Where to Drive the Two-Passenger Tiny EV

European drivers can order their own Microlino Lite with expected delivery this summer. The adorable little EV — that resembles the BMW Isetta and the Baojun Yep EV — is offered in two colors: Venice Blue and Berline Anthracite, both trimmed with orange. While the EV is Swiss-designed, it’s built in Turin, Italy.

Depending on the country, some drivers as young as 14 with moped licenses can get behind the wheel of the Microlino Lite. This fancy little EV is better than a golf cart, as the driver and passenger are surrounded by a lightweight steel unibody frame, so you can tool around the neighborhood or make a quick grocery run without getting wet. The door is at the front of the vehicle, making it easy to cross-park and exit the car.

While American EVs seem to be growing in size and range, European EV drivers appreciate a small electric car that fits down narrow streets and can be perpendicularly parked in a parallel spot. While you definitely don’t want to drive the Microlino Lite on the Dan Ryan or The 405, it’s a perfect little vehicle for cruising around The Villages or other neighborhoods with low-speed requirements.

If the Micro cofounder, Merlin Ouboter, has his way, Microlinos will be street-legal as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles in the United States by the end of 2024.



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