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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
FirstEnergy Corp. is currently building its second of five solar projects in West Virginia. This site will produce up to 5.5 megawatts of renewable power.
Boston Solar powers Pelham Apartments in Framingham, MA with 30.96kW DC / 20kW AC capacity solar panels, reducing reliance on traditional energy.
SolarBank acquires a NY solar project, set to power homes via community solar by 2025, highlighting growth and clean energy access for all.
The anti-EV narrative often includes dialogue against climate change and lobbying against adding EV infrastructure to support Big Oil.
CAKE & Shanghai Forever to produce 130,000 electric bikes in China, cutting 90,000 tons of carbon dioxide by 2027.
BMW, Ford, and Honda unite for ChargeScape, reshaping EVs with grid-friendly charging, eco-friendliness, and grid support.
Electrify America is now producing clean energy at its 75 Megawatt Electrify America Solar Glow™1 solar farm in San Bernardino, CA.
RWE’s Fifth Standard project combines solar PV with its largest battery storage system, strengthening California’s clean energy goals.
Central Columbia School District in Pennsylvania now has an integrated solar energy system to lower energy demand and supplement the district’s curriculum.
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Electric Car Rental Market Expected to Grow by $11 Billion by 2027

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Velotric Discover 2: Advanced Performance with Torque Sensor and 15 Customizable Power Levels

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