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BYD released an exciting new all-electric supercar, the Yangwang U9, featuring 1,300 horsepower and listing at about $230,000.
Karma Automotive from California debuted the Karma Kaveya, a fully electric supercar.
At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Nissan revealed the Nissan Hyper Force EV, the grand conclusion to its series of five “hyper” concept vehicles.
The all-electric Pininfarina Batista has shattered acceleration records in the quarter mile with a time of just 8.55 seconds!
If the states won’t build out hydrogen fueling stations, the wealthy buyers of the Hyperion supercar will be able to call one in!
With a 0-60 time under 2.0 seconds and more than 8800 lb-ft of Earth-twisting torque on tap, the GAC Aion Hyper SSR sets the bar.
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