Episode 300 with Xunjie Zhang of Shift Robotics - Moonwalking
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Episode 300 with Xunjie Zhang of Shift Robotics – Moonwalking

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 300 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Xunjie Zhang from Shift Robotics

In a world constantly on the move, Shift Robotics is breaking barriers with its innovative product, the Moonwalkers. As Xunjie Zhang, the founder, and CEO of Shift Robotics, revealed in the 300th episode of the Electrify Podcast with host Jarod DeAnda, this isn’t just about faster travel; it’s a leap towards redefining the very essence of pedestrian mobility.

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  • Speed Boost: Moonwalkers enable walking at running speeds, increasing pace by 250%.
  • Robotic Technology: They use advanced robotics to enhance natural walking motion.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Figures like T-Pain and Casey Neistat have used and promoted Moonwalkers.

Zhang’s Moonwalkers are not just any shoes. They’re what Zhang calls “the world’s fastest shoe.” The idea is simple yet groundbreaking: why not enhance the most basic form of transportation – walking? Zhang’s insight is profound, as he says, “people walk all the time, yet nobody complains about jogging on the sidewalk. What if we can get walking faster, right on the sidewalk?”

The beauty of Moonwalkers lies in their potential to transform everyday commuting. Zhang shares a personal anecdote that many can relate to – a daily 30-minute walk to work, which was “too slow” and led him to explore alternatives. His journey through various modes of micromobility, including a scooter accident, catalyzed the birth of Moonwalkers. He wanted something safe, efficient, and in his words, “not too fast or too hard to control.”


In a world where speed and efficiency are king, Zhang’s Moonwalkers are a clever solution. They embody the balance between safety and speed, offering a unique mobility solution that respects the pedestrian ecosystem. As Zhang points out, the key is to “improve your walking speed with the same kind of walking effort.”

The podcast dives into the technicalities of Moonwalkers, from their weight (a manageable 5.2 pounds per shoe) to their battery life (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes). This information is crucial for potential users, addressing practical concerns about adopting this new technology.

Zhang’s vision extends beyond just creating a product. He’s shaping an experience – making walking “awesome and fun.” His enthusiasm is infectious as he discusses the broader implications of his invention. From reducing commuting time to encouraging more walking, Moonwalkers have the potential to reshape urban landscapes.

It’s not just about walking faster; it’s about enhancing life’s journeys. As Zhang puts it, “Moonwalker is the first product… we have something exciting in our back pocket.” This statement teases future innovations, keeping listeners and potential customers on their toes (pun intended).


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