Volvo, Pilot Partner on Electric Truck Charging
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Volvo, Pilot Partner on EV Charging

Electric truck maker Volvo is partnering with Pilot stations to develop a high-performance EV charging solution for OTR trucks.

Earlier today, the Volvo Group and North American Pilot Company signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) announcing the development of a public, high-performance charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Specifically the company’s Volvo and Mack-branded lineup of semi and over-the-road trucks (the Volvo-built Mack Black Anthem is shown, above).

“Partnership is the new leadership,” reads the official press release. “This initiative will provide customers of any commercial truck brand the necessary peace of mind to consider adopting electric trucks, eliminating range anxiety and give the prerequisites for the North American fleet customers to meet their environmental goals on their decarbonization journeys.”

The strategic partnership that will combine the Volvo’s market leadership and experience in medium- and heavy-duty battery-electric trucks. The company, now on its second generation of in-production BEV offerings, will lend its knowledge of the industry’s needs and EV charging tech to Pilot, leaning on that brand’s extensive network of more than 750 Pilot and Flying J locations across America to install the new high-performance EV charging infrastructure.

Pilot Company intends to install high-performance charging infrastructure at selected Pilot and Flying J travel centers across the US, and will be open to medium- and heavy-duty vehicles of all brands.

Pilot Truck Stops to Get High-powered EV Chargers


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