Volcon Accelerates Momentum with Delivery of First Volcon Stag to US Army Corps
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Volcon Accelerates Momentum with Delivery of First Volcon Stag to US Army Corps

Volcon Stag off-road electric UTV
  • Volcon has successfully delivered its Volcon Stag electric UTV to the US Army Corps for evaluation in military and humanitarian operations, showcasing its dedication to innovation and service.
  • In addition to the Stag, Volcon is accelerating production and sales of its electric motorcycles, including the Grunt EVO and Volcon Brat eBike, positioning itself as a leader in the electric bike market.
  • Despite minor supply chain challenges, Volcon is swiftly addressing these issues to maintain its commitment to quality and performance, ensuring timely product delivery and exceeding industry standards.

Volcon is charging ahead with its latest milestone: the delivery of its electric utility terrain vehicle (UTV), the Volcon Stag, to the US Army Corps of Engineers. The company, leading the way in electric off-road vehicles, is excited to introduce its fastest-production electric UTV. This highlights their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.


The arrival of the Volcon Stag to the US Army Corps of Engineers marks the start of a series of tests for both military and humanitarian aid missions. This important step shows Volcon’s commitment to offering outstanding solutions for tough situations. The Stag’s strength and flexibility make it perfect for various tasks, from military maneuvers to helping out during disasters.

“We’ve achieved a major milestone by starting delivery,” says John Kim, the new CEO of Volcon. “In the coming months, we will continue to ramp up Stag production and sales, while continuing to deliver our line of electric motorcycles to customers in the US and abroad.”

Volcon Amplifies Electric Motorcycle Production Amidst Stag Dealer Roadshow

Apart from its military projects, Volcon is increasing the production and sales of its electric motorcycles, serving a wide range of riders. The Volcon Grunt EVO electric motorcycle, along with other options like the Volcon Brat eBike, strengthens its position as a leader in the electric bike industry.

Volcon Grunt EVO electric bike

“We’ve started our dealer roadshow for the Stag. Our sales team members began visiting dealerships in Texas this week to demo and give test rides to customers.” spotlights John Kim. “On the two-wheeled side of our business, our Grunt EVO motorcycles are in full production. We are currently delivering motorcycles to dealers all around the US and also shipping them to our international distributors.”

Volcon CEO John Kim

Volcon’s dedication to quality and performance is evident in its thorough approach to addressing supply chain challenges. While acknowledging minor setbacks, the company assures stakeholders that these issues are being swiftly resolved. Updates to both software and hardware are underway, followed by a testing phase to ensure proper operation. Volcon is diligently working to maintain high standards of quality and performance.



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