Watt Rods: Toyota Electrifies AE86 Concept
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Toyota Electrifies AE86 Concept

Toyota Reveals Two AE86 Concepts With Hydrogen Combustion And Electric Power

If you really need that tofu to get to where it’s going on time, but don’t want to hurt the planet, Toyota has something you need to see!

Made famous in the Japanese manga and anime series Initial D, the Toyota AE86 has a long and storied history as a giant-killing, high-performance underdog. That reputation is well earned, too, as the car’s front engine, rear wheel drive layout, snickety-quick manual transmission, perfect weight distribution, and willing suspension come together to make the car a seriously quick machine in the right hands.

This last week, Toyota decided to bring the AE86 into the future – not by redesigning the iconic car’s look, but by electrifying the car’s powertrain under the shared theme of “Toyota: Leaving no car lovers behind”, TGR, Lexus, and Toyota are exhibiting vehicles and automotive parts in line with the three concepts of “Carbon neutrality for protecting beloved cars”, “Making ever-better motorsports-bred cars”, and “Diverse lifestyles to enjoy with beloved cars.”

One of the concepts is an internal combustion design that burns hydrogen instead of gasoline for drastically reduced emissions with a more traditional driving feel – but the one we’re interested in is 100% electric, but features a manual transmission to maximize the car’s 0 RPM torque and delivering the kind of off-the-line performance Takumi Fujiwara could only dream of!

Take a look at the photos, below, and let us know what you think of this electrified Levin in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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