Tesla Cuts Corners on Performance Brakes for 2023
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Tesla Cuts Corners on Brakes

Tesla Is Hiding Downgraded Brakes Behind Cheap Plastic

Tesla is hiding smaller, less-effective brakes on its Model Y Performance models behind bright red, plastic caliper covers.

Tesla has downgraded the brakes on its high-performance models – that’s the controversial claim being made by California speed shop ZEVcentric, a company that’s been tuning Tesla cars for some time now. In a video the company posted to Twitter recently, the aftermarket Tesla specialists identified the new parts as being … let’s go with “smaller” than expected.

“It’s a smaller caliper and a smaller rotor which is the same on [the Long Range]. So now you are just paying for the same brakes, just red,” the shop commented. Tesla made the change last year, and is “hiding” that change behind the same kind of oversized plastic caliper covers you see on cheap economy cars sporting oversized rims.

You can check out the video for yourself, below.


In the brand’s defense, Tesla claims the changeover from Brembo calipers to these smaller Mando pieces won’t negatively impact performance, and acknowledge that the covers are an aesthetic addition. That said, these brake calipers hiding underneath the covers are the same as those you’ll find on the Long Range model (according to ZEVcentric).

Looked at another way, this could be good news for Tesla investors who might be worried about massive price drops undercutting the company’s legendary profit margins. If the company keeps removing expensive sensors, cutting corners on paint, and removing premium components from its vehicles, those profit margins will stay strong, regardless of the price.


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