Sondors Metabeast Electric Motorcycles Announced

Sondors Metabeast Electric Motorcycles Announced


Sondors, the electric bicycle company that jumped into the motorcycle space in the last two years with their Metacycle, has just announced their off-road and dual-sport versions based on the platform. The bikes will be called Metabeast and Metabeast X.

There are no prototypes yet, these are all computer renderings.

The Metabeast is a pure dirt bike that weighs in at 123 lbs and features a 6kW motor and a top speed of 50 mph. Its 72V 2.16 kWh battery claims a range of 44 miles (at 25 mph). The Metabeast X is a dual-sport (on-road and off-road use) and is heavier, at 200 lbs, due to its 18kW motor and a 96V 5.28kWh battery. The X’s claimed top speed is 75 mph and claims a 78 mile range at a speed of 31 mph (no rider weight is mentioned).


Their write-up compares the ease of riding a motorcycle to that of riding an e-bike.

With its stunning, radically efficient design, MetaBeast is as easy to ride as an e-bike, with the power, torque and styling of an off-road motorcycle.* 

Light-weight, shift-free and clutch-free so you can simply focus on the fun and thrill of the all-terrain ride.**”

*All specifications shown are based on pre-production development and subject to improvements/changes with or without notice. True paint color may differ slightly from images shown. Battery ranges are estimated, and actual range may vary. Local sales tax, shipping and destination fees are at an additional cost and will be provided and collected prior to delivery. Available for delivery in the contiguous U.S. only. 
**Always check and follow all local e-bike riding laws and regulations for your area. 

For reference, the original Metacycle concept was quite different than what was finally shipped. The “removable” battery really isn’t, the clean looks of the bike altered by the need for legal turn signals and lighting.

Like the Metacycle, the Metabeast models look like they’ll incorporate the waterproof charging cover for your phone, making it easy to see the screen for navigation, etc.

Both bikes, like the Metacycle, will feature Sondors weld-free aluminum frame. Both will be available in silver, gold, and black colorways.

The launch price for the Metabeast, up until April 11, 2023, is $3000. After that date, the full retail price will be $4500. The Metabeast X also has a price of $6500 for orders up to April 11, with a retail price of $8000. None of those prices include taxes, shipping, or registration fees. You can sign up for the Limited Insider Reserve price here. Estimated shipping is in October, 2023. Hopefully they don’t run into delays like they did with the Metacycle.


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