Kollter RS1 Enters the US Commuter Market
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Kollter RS1 Enters the US Commuter Market

Kollter RS1 80 mph electric motorcycle will start cruising US roads soon

The Kollter RS1 electric motorcycle isn’t setting any speed records, but it’s a practical entry into the growing commuter motorcycle market.

While electric sports bikes can be zippy fun, not everyone wants to let ‘er rip at 100 mph — that’s why commuter electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular. The Kollter RS1 is fighting to be in that segment with a snazzy look and budget price.

The Kollter RS1 has a top speed of 80 mph and a 35 kW motor with peak power of 47 hp. The battery is a 72 V Farasis lithium-ion battery, which at 8.6 kW can take you up to 130 miles on a single charge — if you’re cruising along at 40 mph, that is. If you’re doing more highway speeds at 60 mph, that range is closer 65 miles – still more than enough for most round-trip commutes.

This moto includes a J1772 charging port that allows it to be charged at a public charging station, but you can still charge at home using a standard wall outlet.

While this thing is fun and still fast for a commuter, it is also heavy. Of the 417-lb curb weight, 127 lbs of that belong just to the battery. 

One nice touch is the brakes on this. The dual hydraulic disc brakes use a combined braking system with two hand levers, rather than the more traditional setup of having a right-hand brake lever and a right-foot brake pedal. Other features include keyless operation and a built-in alarm system.

For all this, the price tag is just $11,995. The only snag might be when it actually arrives to customers. On the Kollter RS1 pre-order page, one note says Expected Delivery Summer 2022, while another note just two inches down says ** EXPECTED DELIVERY SEPTEMBER 2022 **. Given how September is nearly over, the delivery date might be a bit … optimistic.


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