Rally Weapon: Renault R5 Turbo 3E Drifts into Focus
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Rally Weapon: Renault R5 Turbo 3E

R5 TURBO 3E is another example, alongside Renault 5 Prototype, of the "electric rebirth" of a flagship model of the brand. Renault is electrifying its history to better prepare its all-electric future in Europe by 2030.

Renault is channeling the spirit of Group B rally racing with a new, all-electric R5 that it says was “born to drift.”

Believe us when we tell you: we could not be more excited about the prospect of a reborn Group B rally series populated by high-torque, wide-winged, all-electric homologation specials set to push the limits of human and machine performance inches from trees, ditches, boulders, and all other manner of high-risk hijinks. We are hyped!

That said, it’s going to be nearly impossible for us to say anything truly objective about this latest iteration of the upcoming Renault 5 electric car. So, instead of trying, we’re just going to post a couple of factoids, followed by some pictures of the new concept car, then wrap it all up with some classic footage of the original Renault R5 (I learned to drive in one of those! –Ed.).

“R5 TURBO 3E combines ultra-tech design, and willfully exuberance with numerous references to the world of car racing and video games,” says Renault Design Director, Gilles Vidal. “This combination propels the show car into modernity and technology, and it is at the frontier between the real and virtual realms. This pure electric ‘drifter’ demonstrates that electric cars can also be fun with incredible performance!”


Virtual Inspiration, Real Performance

  • Renault claims its new concept is, “engineered for performance and tracks, a pure drifter, all-electric, and a rear-wheel drive.”
  • Like its iconic predecessor, the new R5 Turbo 3E is a two-seater, with the dual-motor powertrain occupying the space under the hatch. The car’s energy-dense, high-capacity li-ion batteries live in the middle of the car, under the floor boards.
  • The new R5 is built around a tubular space frame chassis that’s received the blessing of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), making it suitable for real rally racing.
  • The electric motors are good for 380 HP and nearly 520 lb-ft of TQ, which Renault claims will be enough to get the car across a 100 meters in under 3.5 seconds. On dirt.
  • The Turbo 3E also features a 50-plus degree steering angle for dodging obstacles and highly controlled, four-wheel drifts.




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