Fashion Icon: Renault 5 Diamant Reborn as a Modern EV Classic


EV Fashion Icon: Renault 5 Diamant

Renault 5 Diamant Is the French Icon Turned into an Elegant Electric Car

The one where the old-school cool Renault Le Car is reimagined as a new-age fashion icon that just happens to be electric.

Built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Renault 5 “Le Car”, Renault has revealed a reimagined, all-electric version of the little car that’s high on conceptual fashion and low on production possibilities. It’s called the Renault 5 Diamant, and it’s very different.

Different how? For starters, there’s no infotainment system, and very minimal instruments. What you have instead is basically a speaker that runs across the dash that serves as a dock for your smartphone. All the navigation, entertainment, and vehicle information is displayed through the phone, with basics like speed, state of charge (SOC), and time in circular instruments on the dash.


Smartphone Dock


The exterior of the Diamant concept car, like the interior, was designed in collaboration between Renault and French designer/architect Pierre Gonalons, who, “ranks among Architectural Digest’s 100 leading creators and representative of French arts and crafts,” according to Renault.

The body of the Diamant is instantly recognizable as a Renault 5, but it’s been smoothed down from the 5’s original form, a bit like a river rock, and features “gem-like” faceted lenses for the lights. A three-layer paint job carrying metallic gold flecks over a pink base a matte-finish clear helps to finish the look, and produces visual effects ranging from gold flashes when viewed in the sunlight, and blue/bluer tones in dusk/night conditions. The Diamant’s wheels are carried over from the Alpine version of the original 5.

What do you guys think of this little pink restomod? What would you do differently if it was your project– and what’s up with that steering wheel? Scroll on down to the comments and let us know!



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