Lotus Eletre Specs and Pricing Revealed
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Lotus Eletre Specs and Pricing Revealed

The Lotus Eletre R Hits 60 MPH In Under 3 Seconds, Costs $135,000

Lotus has revealed the Eletre, their first-ever, all-electric SUV, complete with detailed performance specifications and pricing that are nothing short of impressive!

The “base” Lotus Eletre has 603 HP and 523 lb-ft of torque, and claims 373 miles of range on a full charge. The price for the base model starts at £89,500 (about $108,200).

The Lotus Eletre S uses the same drivetrain as the base model but offers more niceties like privacy glass, soft-closing doors, configurable ambient lighting, an air purification system, auto-dimming side mirrors, and a 2,160-watt, 23-speaker KEF Reference audio setup. The S trim costs £104,500 (just over $125,000).


A Powerhouse SUV with Exceptional Performance, Luxury, and Cutting-Edge Features

Then there’s the top-tier Eletre R, which offers way more power at 905 HP and 726 lb-ft of torque. Lotus says that this trim can go 0-60 in 2.95 seconds — not the world’s fastest SUV, but it’s still super-quick. The R trim also comes with Track Mode that provides a lowered ride height and performance-oriented settings for the dampers. This beast is priced at £120,000 (about $145,000).

“Confirmation of the pricing and specs of the Lotus Eletre is a key moment in the transformation of Lotus through our Vision80 strategy. We know from media and customer feedback that they’re hugely excited by the arrival of this car – indeed, the Eletre has already won awards as 2023’s ‘most excited to see’ new model. Customer deliveries start during the first half of next year,” says Matt Windle, Group Vice-President and Managing Director, Lotus Cars. “The launch of the Eletre is the natural next step for Lotus. Two-seater sports cars are not for everyone, and we want to offer a Lotus for every stage of your life. The Eletre is the start of that.”

Lotus also claims that the Eletre R can drive the Nürburgring autonomously, so that riders could, “experience the thrilling driving performance and dynamic capability of a (905 HP) Lotus from the driving seat.” Honestly, that whole concept sounds pants-s***tingly terrifying.

Lotus Eletre Specs and Photos

Performance SpecsEletreEletre SEletre R
Max power (kW / hp)450 / 603450 / 603675 / 905
Max torque (Nm)710710985
Top speed (mph / km/h)160 / 258160 / 258165 / 265
0-62 mph / 0-100 km/h (secs)
80-120 km/h (secs)< 2.2< 2.2< 1.9
Battery capacity (kWh)112112112
Charging time 10%-80% (mins) via rapid charger202020
WLTP maximum range (km / miles)600 / 373 *600 / 373 *490 / 304
Width with Electric Reverse Mirror Displays2,135
Width with door mirrors2,231
Height1,630 (20-inch wheel)1,636 (22/23-inch wheel)
Ground clearance187 (20-inch wheel)194 (22/23-inch wheel)
Rear boot capacity611 litres (four seats)688 litres (five seats)
Rear boot capacity (five-seater, rear seats folded)1,532 litres


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