Hase Electrifies its Recumbent Bikes & Trikes
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Hase Electrifies Recumbent Bikes

Motor-assist helps recumbent riders to get going from standstill

Recumbent bike masters Hase are adding electric power to their industry-leading lineup of ‘bent bikes, trikes, and cargo haulers.

Recumbent bikes and trikes are popular with riders across the cycling segments, as their unique geometry makes them easier to adapt for riders of all ability levels while offering better aero and more speed for stronger riders. Now, they’re getting in on the e-mobility trend too, thanks to Hase.

Hase already has the pedal-assist Lepus STEPS recumbent and Kettwiesel Evo STEPS (below) in its trike lineup, which uses a Shimano STEPS mid-mount motor. This new Lepus E model swaps out the Shimano for a Bafang M500, which allows for the addition of a thumb throttle to give riders help with getting started from a full stop. After that, riders can use the pedal assist to get up to 15.5 mph or use their leg power alone.


Just like in the Kettwiesel Evo STEPS model, the new e-trike‘s motor is mounted at the crank, with a 504 Wh battery hanging on the underside of the frame behind it. The Lepus E also has an Alfine Di2 eight-speed internal hub. In addition, it has a raised seat to make it easier to get on and off the trike and to give riders an overall better view of road traffic.

To fit more riders, the Lepus E has a lot of adjustability, from the seat height ranging from 22 inches to 25 inches, to an adjustable length of 73 inches to 83.5 inches. It can even be folded down into a 48.75 x 35 x 24 inch package that can fit nicely in the trunk of a car.

Both the Kettwiesel Evo STEPS (shown, at top) and Lepus E are supposed to go on sale during the final quarter of this year, with the Lepus set to sell for €8,950 (just under $9000 US, as we type this).





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