VW Has an XTREME EV Idea for a Concept Car
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VW Has an XTREME EV Idea

VW Tests the IDea of Off-Roading EVs With ID.XTREME Concept

VW is ramping up its electric ID.4 GTX’s off-road cred with a new, fully-functional electric off-roader called the ID/XTREME.

Volkswagen made sure that its new off-road concept had proper off-road chops, and left it to a special team deep within VW’s R&D department to source parts for its new rally vehicle. That team bolted on a set of lightweight 18-inch wheels wrapped in seriously knobby off-road tires that give the EV a proper off-road stance, while a modified front bumper, roof carrier with LED lights, and 3D-printed composite spoilers that are wider than the production car’s by 50 mm (about 2″) round out the car’s physical upgrades.

Unlike most concepts, though, there’s more to this one-off than what meets the eye. VW’s ID.XTREME gets a modified drive system, too, with what’s described as, “a high-performance drive on the rear axle” that’s been combined with upgraded control software to deliver a 30% increase in efficiency compared to the standard ID.4 GTX. Power has also been increased by 65 kW (about 87 HP) to a total of 285 kW (approx. 385 HP).

One more neat bit of information: because Volkswagen’s push for electrification is all about sustainability and the environment, a new battery pack wasn’t used for the concept. Instead, VW up-cycled an old testing ID.4 GTX as the basis for the new machine, and a used 82 kWh battery to provide the juice.

You can check out the VW ID.XTREME concept in the photo gallery, below, then let us know what you think of this electrified off-roader in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


VW ID.XTREME Concept Car




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