Legrand Unveils Level 2 EV Home Charging Stations
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Legrand Unveils Level 2 EV Home Charging Stations

Legrand level 2 home charging
  • Legrand, known for electrical infrastructure, has introduced its first residential EV charger.
  • The Plug-In Home Level 2 EV Charger offers a simple setup – plug it into a 50A outlet for fast charging.
  • This Level 2 charger is compatible with all EVs via the North American standard.

Legrand, the international brand that specializes in electrical and digital building infrastructures, has decided to enter the EV charging market. Recently, the brand launched its first EV charger for residential applications, expanding its own portfolio and customers’ ability to convert their garages into EV charging stations.

Compact Size, Substantial Power, and Easy Setup

This past July, Legrand introduced their Plug-In Home Level 2 EV Charger. Rated for 40 amps with an output of 9.6kW, it’ll serve EV owners far better than using a Level 1 charger. Drivers can expect a full charge in around 8-10 hours. It also gives you an extended range of up to 38 miles per hour of charging so even if you don’t have time for a full charge, you can still easily get enough for your daily commute in just an hour.

Getting started with Legrand’s EV charger is straightforward. Just plug the non-networked unit into a 50-amp outlet – indoors or outdoors – and you’re ready to go. Equipped with a SAE J1772 Connector, the North American standard, the charger is compatible with almost any electric vehicle. Tesla owners will need an adapter, though.

The Plug-In Home Level 2 EV Charger from Legrand is also Energy Star® Certified for efficiency. What’s more, using this charger could make you eligible for potential rebates and tax credits. You can find more details on the Energy Star website.

Empowering EV Drivers

According to Scott Bausch, VP and General Manager of Legrand’s wiring device business, this venture is all about delivering access to power, no matter where or how it’s needed. 

“With more drivers making the switch to electric vehicles, the need for simple, safe and fast ways to charge EVs at home is growing rapidly. We saw meeting this need as a natural extension of what the Pass & Seymour line has been providing for over a century, as pioneers in electrical safety and a long-trusted manufacturer of receptacles and lighting controls. Our team is excited to be offering an EV charging solution designed with the same safety focus, attention to quality and expert support people have come to expect from our products.”

Kevin Kohl, Legrand’s Director of Product Management and User Experiences, led the charge on this project. His vision was clear – a charger that doesn’t just get the job done but does it seamlessly. 

“For many people, their garages and driveways don’t have a lot of room to spare. The unit itself is sleek and compact so that it can provide convenient charging access without adding bulk to the space. Its cord is 18′ long, so that it can easily reach multiple spots and get where it needs to, but it then easily rolls up and stores on the unit’s included hook and holster. Perfect for keeping it tidy and out of the way when not in use.”



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