Enel X Way Partners with GRID Alternatives to Bring Charging to Low-Income Communities
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Enel X Way Partners with GRID Alternatives to Bring Charging to Low-Income Communities

Picture of Enel X Way Partners with GRID Alternatives to Bring Charging to Low-Income Communities
  • Enel X Way and GRID Alternatives have partnered to promote electric mobility in underserved communities through a new utility pilot EV program in California.
  • The program offers low-income households free Enel X Way JuiceBox home EV chargers, installation services, and up to $2,000 for electric service panel upgrades.
  • This partnership aims to overcome barriers to EV adoption in low-income areas.

Even with the cost of charging an EV potentially being cheaper than filling up a gas-powered car, the EV market still needs to think about overall economic accessibility. This includes the cost of EVs – some of which thankfully don’t cost an arm and a leg – as well as which neighborhoods even get public chargers installed at all. To help with the latter issue, Enel X Way has partnered with GRID Alternatives to increase access to EV charging in underserved neighborhoods and potentially bolster adoption of EVs amongst these populations.

Charging Toward Equal Access: The Pilot Utility Program

Enel X Way and GRID Alternatives have set their sights on California, where they are launching their pilot program tailored to serve low-income customers who have purchased or are leasing an EV. This program comes packed with perks, offering qualifying households a complimentary Enel X Way JuiceBox home EV charger, installation services, and a chance to receive up to $2,000 for electric service panel upgrades.

The pilot program that the two brands are forming can also be stacked with existing incentives and rebates. Federal tax credits, EV purchase credits, and cash rebates from California are just some of the existing benefits that can help make EVs more appealing to those in more economically depressed areas.

From Charging Deserts to Oases of Opportunities

With this program, Enel X Way and GRID Alternatives are tackling a major roadblock to EV adoption in low-income communities: the lack of accessible charging infrastructure. Aptly referred to as “charging deserts,” these neighborhoods often find themselves disconnected from the clean transportation wave due to inadequate charging facilities. The JuiceBox home EV charger provided through this program could act like a charging oasis in these deserts, offering residents a lifeline to a more electrified lifestyle.

Equitable access to clean transportation is also a necessity when you look at the impact of gas-powered vehicle emissions on air quality, especially in marginalized communities.

Erica Mackie, CEO of GRID Alternatives, expressed her excitement by stating, “We are excited to partner with Enel X Way to empower environmental justice communities in our region to shift to clean transportation options. For too long, underserved communities have suffered the most from gas-powered vehicle pollution. Now, this program will make home EV charging stations more affordable and help clear the air for everyone.”

Charging Ahead: How This Partnership Will Work

Under this partnership, GRID Alternatives will administer the utility program, ensuring it reaches the communities that need it most. Meanwhile, Enel X Way will supply and install the JuiceBox home EV chargers, while also closely monitoring the charging data to measure the program’s success. 

The JuiceBox chargers, with their smart charging capabilities, allow users to optimize cost savings by scheduling charging during off-peak hours.



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