Adventure-Ready iSinwheel GT2 Off-Road E-Scooter Arriving in US Market
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Adventure-Ready iSinwheel GT2 Off-Road E-Scooter Arriving in US Market

Photo of Isinwheel GT2 800W Off Road Electric Scooter
  • The iSinwheel GT2 e-scooter maneuvers on pavement and off-road terrain.
  • The e-scooter has 11-inch off-road tires, an 800W motor, and a 48V/15Ah large-capacity battery.
  • The iSinwheel GT2 e-scooter is available for pre-sale in the US on the manufacturer’s website.

Personal scooter manufacturer, iSinwheel, announced a GT2 pre-sale campaign in the United States. The e-scooter is already popular in Europe, and now, riders in the United States can enjoy the off-road adventure scooter.

Components in the iSinwheel GT2 Off-Road Scooter

The peppy GT2 off-road scooter has an 800W motor with a 48V/15Ah large-capacity battery that can reach speeds up to 28 MPH. Thanks to the power and BMS technology in the e-scooter, riders find it easy to maneuver off-road terrain. iSinwheel adds 11-inch off-road inflatable tires and an off-road-ready front and rear suspension to keep riders safe during off-road e-scooter adventures.

The iSinwheel e-scooter delivers outstanding off-road performance, and it’s a great scooter for urban adventures. The aluminum scooter is stylish and durable. Riders can add a seat for comfort during long rides. Standard safety features include turn lights, brake lights, and a wide footboard. The lights are bright enough for nighttime rides, as iSinwheel recognizes many riders are out long after sunset. They need to see and be seen.


The pre-sale campaign has begun, and shoppers can find the GT2 on the official iSinwheel website. Discounts are available for pre-sale customers.


Maximum Speed28MPH / 45 KMH
Maximum Range25-28 Miles / 40-45 KM
Motor PowerRated Power 800W
Max.Charging Voltage54.6V
Protection levelIPX4
Max. Slope35%
Operating Temperature14°F – 104°F
Wheel Size11 inches Off- Road Pneumatic Tires
BrakesFront and rear disc brake + EABS electronic brake
LED LightingFront headlight and ambient lights, turn signals and brake light
Input Voltage110-240V
Output Voltage54.6V
Output Current2A
Charging Time5-7 hours
Weight53 lbs (24.3 kg)
Folded DimensionsApprox:488.622 IN / 1222257 CM
Unfolded DimensionsApprox:482549 IN / 12263125 CM
Rider Maximum Load330 lbs (150 kg)
Recommended Age14+ Years

The Legendary Ride Around Lyon

Along with the pre-sale campaign, iSinwheel shared a story of a rider who explored the French town of Lyon. Touring Lyon on an e-scooter lets the rider enjoy the scenery while leaving no trace – or toxic emissions. The rider also raved about the power, durability, and stability of the well-built e-scooter.


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