Tesla's Tops for Pets, but Now Rivian Has a Dog Mode, Too!
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Rivian Gets a Dog Mode, Too

Rivian Wants To Keep Dogs Safe With New Pet Comfort Mode

Anything Tesla can do, Rivian can do better. At least, that seems to be what’s motivating a new “pet mode” feature for the R1T.

Summertime means trips for the whole family, including the dogs. But what if you have to leave the fur kids in the car for a few minutes? You don’t want them to overheat — and you don’t want well-meaning passersby to freak out, either. If you have a Rivian R1T Pickup or the R1S SUV, then your fluffy friends can sit in comfort while you run some quick errands. 

The Amazon and Ford-backed automaker recently introduced Pet Comfort with a new software update. As long as your vehicle has at least 50 miles of range left, then you can activate Pet Comfort and set the interior temperature of your vehicle to between 68 and 74 degrees. The vehicle’s large center display will show a Gear Guard character, the cabin temperature, and a message clearly letting other people know that the pets inside aren’t getting overheated.

When Pet Comfort is activated, any over-the-air updates are disabled, along with the cabin movement sensor. If your range starts to drop too low, you’ll start to receive notifications from the Rivian app to let you know that you need to get back to your pets and charge up soon. The feature will run until the battery is completely depleted. 

Rivian isn’t the only EV carmaker to use this sort of technology, of course. Back in 2019, Tesla introduced the original “Dog Mode” for cars like its Model X and Model S. But it’s good to see more automakers taking on this idea for their fur-loving fans!


Rivian Pet Mode Keeps Pups Cool & Safe




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