Dodge Charger EV: Power, Style, and a Roaring Legacy Revived
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Dodge Charger EV: Power, Style, and a Roaring Legacy Revived

Image showcasing Dodge Charger EV teaser
  • After a 20-year run, the 21st-century Dodge Charger has been replaced by the stylish Charger EV, embracing its muscle car heritage.
  • The Charger EV is set to impress with up to 885 horsepower, making it a formidable electric vehicle in terms of performance.
  • To maintain the muscle car experience, Dodge equips the Charger EV with a technology that replicates the classic muscle car engine sound, despite being emissions-free.

After two decades, the last 21st-century Dodge Charger rolled off the line in late December. A few weeks later the automaker revealed its replacement: the Dodge Charger EV, and it’s a beauty. This electric powerhouse not only continues the Charger’s legacy but also ushers in a new era of electrified muscle cars with its aggressive and stylish design. With rumors of exceptional performance and a nod to the classic muscle car sound, the Charger EV has already caught the attention of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.


Dodge Charger EV Concept Style Comes to Life

In 2022, Dodge showed off the Dodge Charger EV concept version of the futuristic electric vehicle. And, the sneak preview the automaker shared on social media looks pretty close to the concept. The low-slung grille features an illuminated central triangle and wide-set rectangular headlights. It’s sexy as hell and nothing else in the EV market looks like it.

The automaker showed off the pre-production model on X with the caption, “No cameras or recording devices permitted. Pre-production model shown. Available late 2024.”

The Screaming Banshee and a New Hatchback

Image showcasing Dodge Charger EV teaser

The two-door Charger is expected to have a rear hatchback and specs that will blow away any gas-powered model. Rumor has it the Dodge Charger EV will be available in three speeds. The entry-level model should have about 400 horsepower and a single electric motor with rear-wheel drive. The mid-level trim will have horsepower in the high 600s, and the top “Banshee” will scream with about 885 horsepower and all-wheel drive. I wonder how it’ll handle in the snow?

Get the V8 Sound With Zero Emissions in the Dodge Charger EV”

Of course, the Dodge Charger EV will be a zero-emissions vehicle, so it naturally delivers a quiet ride. But, anyone who wants a muscle car needs the muscle car grumble. So Dodge is loading the electric vehicle with new technology called the eRupt multi-speed transmission with a Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust with 126 db that matches the sound from the legendary Hellcat. Drivers can expect a Launch button and plenty of torque.

Image showcasing Dodge Charger EV teaser

Could This Be the EV that Turns the Naysayers?

If Dodge markets this vehicle correctly, it could be the EV that gets the naysayers to pay attention to the EV market. While it’s not the first muscle car in the EV market, it is the first one that actually looks like a muscle car. The Ford Mustang Mach-E might wear the “Mustang” name, but it doesn’t have the legendary body styling of a muscle car.

Image showcasing Dodge Charger EV teaser

According to Dodge, the Charger EV should be available in late 2024. The automaker has yet to announce if the EV will have CCS or NACS changing technology.



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  1. Great article, Kristen! I’m so happy Dodge kept the most appropriate name in their line and made it an EV. I think exhaust sound systems, like this car and the one Borla made for the Mach-E are going to be very popular among enthusiasts!

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