Fisker Ocean SUV Has Started Deliveries in Europe
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Fisker Ocean SUV Has Started Deliveries in Europe

Fisker Ocean SUV
  • Shortly after European regulators certified the Fisker Ocean SUV for sale, Fisker announced that it would begin deliveries shortly thereafter.
  • After the launch of the Ocean One, various more trims will be released like the Extreme.
  • With a range of 707 km (439 miles), the Extreme trim level will have the longest range of any battery-electric SUV in Europe.

Exciting news from Fisker: European regulators certified the Fisker Ocean SUV in late April, marking a significant milestone. After that, the company could start preparing to deliver its first units to European customers. Here we are in June, and those European deliveries have definitely begun, while American buyers can expect their deliveries starting the week of June 19.

Details About the Fisker Ocean SUV

The Fisker Ocean will have four different trim levels: the One, Extreme, Ultra, and Sport. The Ocean One is the launch-edition vehicle, and it will be limited to just the first 5,000 units produced. The Ocean Extreme is meant for the more luxury-minded driver, with high-end amenities including Limo Mode. The Ocean Ultra is for the hard driver who wants a more thrilling, adventurous driving experience. And then the Ocean Sport is more of a basic trim level, but it still delivers when it comes to performance and affordability.

Notably, Fisker has achieved Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure certification for the Fisker Ocean Extreme trim level in Europe. When tested on 20-inch tires, the Ocean Extreme hit an impressive range of up to 707 km (439 miles), making it the longest-range battery-electric SUV currently available in the region.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Fisker Ocean SUV has already garnered recognition for its exceptional design. The vehicle was honored with the prestigious 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award for Best Electric Vehicle, further solidifying Fisker’s position as a leader in the industry.

What Sets Fisker Apart

To be able to deliver to the European and American markets so closely together, Fisker took a unique approach to homologation for the Fisker Ocean SUV. They pursued dual homologation processes in Europe and the United States simultaneously, allowing them to adjust production and sales based on regional demand. 

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc., emphasized the flexibility of their business model, which has resulted in an increase in European reservations following the announcement of the WLTP range for the Fisker Ocean Extreme.

Fisker also expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming deliveries, stating, “The entire Fisker team is excited to get the Fisker Ocean One launch edition to our reservation holders.” And the plan is to complete all deliveries of the Ocean One by the end of September. 


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