Earthling Automotive Leads the Charge in Electric Vehicle Technician Training
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Earthling Automotive Leads the Charge in Electric Vehicle Technician Training

Image showcasing Earthling Automotive Head of Training, Jack Rosebro
  • Earthling Automotive in San Francisco is a prominent independent hybrid and EV repair shop, redefining quality service in the EV market.
  • It’s not only a repair shop but also offers hands-on technician training programs, including Tesla classes and partnerships with community colleges to equip technicians with the knowledge needed for the growing EV market.
  • Head of Training, Jack Rosebro, stresses that technicians must grasp both the mechanical and digital complexities of modern EVs. This knowledge is vital for customer satisfaction and success in the aftermarket sector.

In a world where electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming the new norm, the need for skilled technicians who can navigate the intricate world of EVs is skyrocketing. Enter Earthling Automotive, a trailblazing independent hybrid and EV repair shop based in the heart of San Francisco, California. Earthling Automotive is making waves with its commitment to not only providing top-notch EV and hybrid repair services but also in shaping the future of the automotive repair industry through comprehensive technician training programs.

Image showcasing Earthling Automotive Launches in San Francisco to Offer EV Repair
Earthling Automotive launches in San Francisco to offer EV/hybrid repair

Leading the Charge: Earthling Automotive’s Evolution under CEO Carolyn Coquillette

Under the leadership of CEO Carolyn Coquillette, Earthling Automotive has undergone a transformation from its previous incarnation as Luscious Garage to meet the growing demand for EV repair. Coquillette, a seasoned expert with 16 years of experience in the Bay Area, saw the writing on the wall. She realized that as EVs continued to surge in popularity, so too did the need for specialized repair services.

Coquillette’s vision for Earthling Automotive is clear: “Our mission is to lead the Aftermarket’s adaptation to hybrid and EV platforms.” This shift reflects a broader trend, with electric vehicles comprising a significant portion of car sales in California, a trend that’s expected to continue to rise in the coming years.

Image showcasing Earthling Automotive Tesla Repair and EV Training
Earthling Automotive offers small group Tesla courses offering hands-on training.

Jack Rosebro, Earthling Automotive’s Head of Training, emphasizes the profound transformation in the automotive industry, saying, “Today’s electric vehicles are much more than ‘nuts and bolts’; they are nuts, bolts, physics, and code.” In a world where EV technology is evolving rapidly, it’s vital for automotive technicians to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Earthling Automotive steps in.

Earthling Automotive offers a range of hands-on training programs tailored to meet the demands of the evolving automotive landscape:

Training ProgramDescription
Tesla ClassesTwo-day course providing essential knowledge of Tesla vehicles, serving as a prerequisite for advanced Tesla service courses.
Hybrid/EV ClassesCovers general Hybrid and Electric Vehicle platforms with a focus on Toyota Prius models from 2004-2016. Involves hands-on experience in diagnosing, testing, and replacing high-voltage components.
Electrical 1A three-day course that assumes no prior diagnostic experience with automotive electrical systems, offering a solid foundation for working on any EV or hybrid vehicle.
Community College PartnershipsCollaborations with community colleges to update instructors on the newest EV technology, with the goal of advancing EV technical training across the country.
In-House Training ProgramProvides in-house technicians with an innovative hybrid, EV, and Tesla-specific training program, combining structured classes with in-shop training for continuous learning.

Earthling Automotive’s approach to training stands out. With small class sizes, hands-on experience, and real-world case studies, they ensure that technicians are well-prepared to meet the growing demand for EV servicing.

As the world moves toward an electrified future, Earthling Automotive is forging ahead, creating a new generation of skilled EV technicians who will shape the future of the automotive industry.


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