Polestar 2 Gets More Range, RWD for 2024
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Polestar 2 Gets More Range, RWD

Swedish performance EV brand Polestar is giving its 2 sports sedan a major update for 2024, with more range and rear wheel drive.

For the 2024 model year, the premium Polestar 2 is getting a new, high-tech front end design that echoes the “less Volvo-y,” grille-less design language established by the Polestar 3, as well as substantial performance upgrades courtesy of all-new electric motors, more powerful batteries, and — for the first time in a production Polestar model — a rear-wheel drive version.

That switch from FWD to RWD in the base model Polestar is a huge shift, and Polestar’s top brass is very, very aware of what it’s doing. “Typically in the car industry, a facelift introduces superficial visual changes that often destroy the original intention of the car’s design theme,” says Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath. “With the new model year Polestar 2, we rather went below the surface and upgraded substantial tech and mechanical components of the electric drivetrain. This is the best Polestar 2 yet, and with the updated front design with the new SmartZone, the best looking one, too.”

In addition to the new front fascia and revamped powertrain, the Polestar 2 gets a new set of 20-inch forged alloy wheels in the Performance Pack for 2024 — and these, too, have been updated to align the 2 with the brand’s forward-looking design language.

That Performance Pack, along with the visual changes, continue to focus on the driving experience. “Changing from front- to rear-wheel drive in the single-motor variants, and re-calibrating the torque ratio in the dual-motor variant for an increased rear-wheel drive feel, elevates the Polestar 2 driving experience to a whole new level,” says Joakim Rydholm, Head of Chassis Development at Polestar. “The updated Polestar 2 is an even more playful and agile car, retaining its compactness and complete sense of control, while at the same time becoming more mature with added comfort.”

Up to 350 kW of power are available with the optional Performance Pack, which drops the time needed for that 0-60 MPH sprint to less than 4.2 seconds. The increase in power, performance and driving enjoyment is also available to purchase as a downloadable over-the-air performance software upgrade for any eligible Long range Dual motor cars. Range is improved, too, with Standard range Single motor versions seeing a range increase of 40 km (about 25 miles), and the Long range Single motor getting an increase of 84 km (about 50 miles).

2024 Polestar 2 Performance Pack


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