GM Dealers Get into the Tesla Repair Business


GM Dealers Get into the Tesla Business

Tesla Raises Prices

GM dealers have begun offering body and repair services to Tesla owners — and thousands have taken them up on it.

General Motors has a nationwide network of thousands of dealers and service centers who have access to well-trained techs, state-of-the-art tools, and seasoned service advisors who know how to put customer service first. It’s been considered something of a “natural advantage” in the company’s fight against Tesla, but a new article on Teslarati seems to indicate that Tesla owners might be able to benefit from that network now, as well.

“That’s a growing business for us,” said GM President Mark Reuss during the automaker’s Investor Day 2022. “I gotta say it’s a new business.” 

Tesla is facing a growing list of complaints from customers who, while they may have appreciated the ability to circumvent the dealers in the buying process, are now struggling to accept the lack of local customer support and face-to-face service that they’ve become accustomed to in the past. It remains to be seen, as well, how (or if) Tesla will support cars repaired at GM facilities.

In the meantime, it seems as if more than 11,000 Tesla cars have already been repaired by participating GM dealers — and, with the vast majority of people in the US live within 10 miles of a GM dealership, that number is likely to keep on growing.



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