Fantic Launches ISSIMO 45 Custom Commuter
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Fantic Launches Custom Commuter

Italian Motorbike Maker Fantic Introduces ISSIMO 45 E-Moped

With hundreds of e-bike brands out there and more seemingly arriving every minute, how does Fantic plan to stand out? Like this!

Italian manufacturer Fantic is definitely known for its motorcycles, especially with their retro stylings and off-road capabilities, but it also makes some truly rugged electric mountain bikes. Now the company is exploring more e-mobility options, with the ISSIMO 45 as its latest offering as a, “next generation moped.”

The mid-mount motor is a powerful Bafang M600 that produces 120 Nm of torque, beating out nearly all of the leading German e-bikes out there. Its peak power output is capable of giving riders a sustained top speed of just under 25 mph. While the 600 Wh battery doesn’t last that long (only 31 miles on a full charge), riders can add a second battery to double the distance to 62 miles.

The rear hub contains the ENVILO Heavy Duty continuously variable transmission, while the 80 mm front suspension fork and high-volume tires offer a comfortable ride on both smooth and bumpy surfaces.

The ISSIMO 45 has four different modes:

  • Road gives riders the fastest speeds, with a top speed of 40 km/h (24.8 mph) by using the throttle accelerator, the pedals with S-Pedelec assistance, or with a combo of the two,
  • Hill gives maximum torque for inclines, letting riders still get up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph),
  • Zero lets the rider use just the pedals with no assistance at all,
  • and Walk Assist gives a boost for when riding is prohibited in a given area.

Like Fantic’s other mopeds, the ISSIMO 45 has a truss-style aluminum frame, which makes it easier to personalize with custom covers available in different colors. The start price is set at €3,590 (about $3,650, as this goes to press).


Fantic ISSIMO 45 E-bike / Moped




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