Enel X Way Adding NACS Connectors For EV Charging Convenience
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Enel X Way Adding NACS Connectors For EV Charging Convenience

Enel X Way charing
  • Enel X Way is dedicated to supporting EV charging by adding NACS, J1172, and CCS connectors to its product line. 
  • It will support pre-existing DC fast charging stations with a retrofit kit. 
  • 10,000 DC fast charging stations planned in North America by 2030. 
  • The company manufactures the award-winning JuiceBox home charging station. 

Enel X Way is a subsidiary of the Enel Group, a Fortune 200 company dedicated to renewable energy. The company has over 500,000 public and private charging ports globally, with 185,000 in North America. The company offers flexible charging technologies and is preparing to support NACS EV charging connectors in the North American product line to improve the experience of driving EVs and PHEVs. 

Supporting EV Drivers with More Public Charging Options

The company’s flagship home charging station called “JuiceBox” earned the title of the “best overall EV charger” by CNET, Car and Driver, Road & Track, and This Old House. Along with its quality home charging stations, Enel X Way will soon offer North American Charging Standard connector options, J117 ports, and Combined Charging System (CCS) ports in its product line. 

These new ports will be featured in Level 2 and Level 3 fast charging stations to help grow the EV market. Like their home charging stations, Enel X Way plans to make its new products easy to use so drivers can have a best-in-class charging experience. The NACS connector options will fit the JuiceBox and DC fast chargers. Retrofit kits will be offered for customers that already have DC fast charging systems. 

Enel X Way

Enel X Way Supporting the Future of EV Charging

The new connector options are part of a larger plan to add more than two million new EV charger ports in North America by 2030. Thanks to the National Electric Vehicle Incentive program, Enel X Way has plans to add more than 10,000 DC fast charging stations for public use. 

The company is also dedicated to helping businesses and government agencies add EV infrastructure installation by offering virtual site evaluations, energy load analysis, and utility coordination. 

Enel X Way also offers a program called ChargerHelp! For EV owners and charging customers who need repairs and maintenance, but don’t know where to turn locally. The company also makes owning EV charging stations affordable by offering leasing and loan programs. 


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