Energica Tapped by "Major OEM" ... is it Ducati?

Energica Tapped by “Major OEM” … is it Ducati?

Energica motorbike driving on road curve

Energica, the people behind the MotoE electric motorcycle series, have been tapped to build a roadbike by a major OEM – but which one!?

Electric motorcycles are on the rise, and Energica Motor Company is leading the charge. The company, which is a subsidiary of global zero-emissions vehicle accelerator Ideanomics, is collaborating with a major original equipment manufacturer to develop a new line of electric two-wheel vehicles.

We can’t say for sure, of course, but could it be that this OEM is Ducati? It wouldn’t be the first time that Ducati has put its branding on an Energica-developed project – that was MotoE. Far be it for us to start any rumors, of course.

So, back to this new line of motos.

The design and engineering services will be provided by Energica Inside, a business unit of Energica. Energica Inside’s engineers and designers have provided a feasibility study to identify a final configuration for an off-road electric vehicle platform. The company’s powerful E2110 motor, which weighs just 27 kg and can produce a maximum power of 120 kW (161 hp) at 13000 rpm, lies at the heart of the final configuration.

Energica Inside’s team discussed potentially developing a new motor design to meet this mystery OEM’s needs. To increase performance, they integrated Energica’s pouch cells into the existing battery case.

“Energica Inside is ready to help OEMs achieve their climate goals and comply with regulations by electrifying their product lines – whether its [sic] tractors, watercraft, aircraft, or passenger and urban mobility vehicles,” said Carlo Iacovini, General Manager of Energica Inside.

As Energiva CEO Livia Cevolini puts it, “Our world needs to become net zero by 2050, which means transportation must become zero emission. I believe that the unique expertise and technology within Energica can help society achieve this goal faster.”

Energica created a true MotoE star in the Ego Corsa, and the brand has learned plenty of lessons from the racetrack in order to bring more breakthroughs to road-ready bikes. We can’t wait to see what this mystery partnership will create next.


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