Citroën Gives Ami Buggy Compact EV the Green Light

Citroën Gives Ami the Green Light

In the end Citroën has dared with the beach roll: there will be a production Ami Buggy, but in a very limited series

Stellantis has given the adorable Citroën Ami Buggy NEV the green light for a limited production run— are they ready to take real risks?

Chrysler parent company Stellantis and its controversial CEO have made waves in recent months by pushing back against the EV revolution, but that’s just in the US. Over in Europe, the company’s Fiat, Citroën, and Peugeot brands have embraced EVs with great success, even topping the European EV sales charts on some months. And that, dear readers, is why news of the Citroën Ami Buggy getting the go-ahead for a limited production run is so very exciting: it implies that Stellantis as-a-whole isn’t just begrudgingly beging dragged along into the electric future.

It implies that someone, somewhere in the bowels of corporate, understands that EVs can be fun, too— and very few of them promise to be more fun than the little Citroën!

It’s expected that the Ami Buggy will be powered by the same 5.5 kWh battery as the standard Ami quadricycle (like an NEV or GEM here in the US), which should give it a range of just under 50 miles and a top speed of 28 mph. And, while prices have yet to be announced, the order books are officially open.

Check out some of the photos from the Citroën press release on the Ami Buggy, below, then let us know if this is something you could see yourself wheeling around a beach resort in the comments.








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