The Comfortable and Rugged Heybike Mars All-Terrain Folding E-Bike
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The Comfortable and Rugged Heybike Mars All-Terrain Folding E-Bike

Heybike MARS
  • The Heybike MARS Foldable E-bike has a 500-watt motor for up to 48 miles of pedal assist. 
  • The 4-inch fat tires grip the terrain for a safe ride. 
  • Heybike added shock absorbers in the seat post and front fork.

The Heybike MARS Foldable E-bike delivers convenience, off-road capability, and comfort – all for under $1000. The exceptional e-bike folds for easy storage and carrying, while it also stands up to rugged terrain thanks to the beefy 4” fat tires. With its comfort technology, you’ll forget you’re on a bike designed for the roughest roads. 

Plenty of Power in a Convenient Package

The MARS has a 500-watt motor with a 48V 12.5 amp-hour battery that delivers up to 48 miles in one of the three pedal-assist modes. After a six-hour overnight charge, the MARS is ready to hit the trails so you can explore your world and enjoy assistance when the terrain gets challenging. 

The foldable e-bike has a max payload capacity of 330 pounds, while the rear rack can carry 100 pounds, letting you bring gear with you on your outdoor adventures. The bike weighs 66 pounds and folds to a compact 37x31x18 inches so it fits neatly in your EV’s trunk. 

Surprising Comfort on Rough Roads

Heybike designed the MARS for comfort, convenience, and durability. The 4×20” fat tires increase traction on pavement and dirt. The shock absorber in the seat and the lockable front suspension fork work with the tires to provide a cushioned ride that reduces vibrations. The innovative combination of components makes the MARS an ideal choice for riders who want to enjoy dirt trails without having to feel every bump. 

Keeping Riders Safe


E-bike safety continues to be a priority for Heybike. The MARS is loaded with safety features for trails and pavement. 

HIGH-TRACTION FAT TIRES: The fat tires are a top safety feature that provide additional traction on all types of terrain. 

LIGHTS FOR VISIBILITY: Heybike also includes a pair of lights: a bright headlight and a circular rear LED brake light. 

SHIMANO 7-SPEED GEAR SYSTEM: The Shimano 7-Speed gear system lets riders adjust their pedaling to fit the terrain, especially on tough hill climbs. The gears also give riders more control when going downhill. The top speed is 20 MPH. 

HORN: Heybike adds an electric horn to alert other cyclists you’re nearby. 

MECHANICAL DISC BRAKES: The MARS has mechanical disc brakes. When engaging the brakes, the motor stops, even if you’re riding in pedal assist or using the throttle. The MARS does not use regenerative braking to charge the battery. 

BATTERY KEY: The Heybike MARS has a key for the battery pack. The key isn’t designed to prevent bike theft, but it will prevent the battery from sending power to the hub motor. It also keeps the battery secure to the frame. 

Comfort Features To Smooth The Bumps

Despite its all-terrain features, the MARS provides an exceptionally comfortable ride for riders who want a gentle ride even on the bumpiest trails. 

INNOVATIVE HANDLEBAR: The MARS handlebar has a bend where it connects to the head as it better fits the structure of the human body. The people-centered handlebar and shock absorbers in the front fork work together to soften the ride. 

ADJUSTABILITY: Heybike designed the MARS to fit people who stand between 5’3 and 6’3 thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. The step-through frame makes it easy for riders of all sizes to get on the bike. 

THROTTLE ASSIST: While in any pedal-assist mode, the hub motor activates when the rider is pedaling or pressing the throttle lever. 

Quick Assembly

Heybike ships the MARS nearly assembled. It only takes a few minutes to assemble using the included instructions. There are plenty of videos available online for assembly assistance. Unfold it out of the box, attach the seats and pedals, and it’s ready to go. 

Heybike Support

Heybike stands behind its products with a 30-Day Trial Buy. If you don’t like the bike, return it in an undamaged and unused condition to receive a refund. The company also offers a one-year warranty for the bike and battery. Heybike offers customer support at 1-888-301-6908 or

Get Riding Today

The Heybike MARS is a limited-edition folding e-bike with exceptional comfort and convenience for all-terrain riding. It folds compactly to fit in closets, trunks, and carrying cases for portability and storage. Best of all, the MARS will give you what you need for a smooth ride on bumpy trails and pavement. 

You can choose the MARS in three colors: Leather Black, Cerulean, and Porcelain White. Heybike. Buy it today and receive it within one to three business days. 



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  1. Would also like a bigger battery and motor – need 100km range and also 750w motor. Would also like the bike to have removable battery and weigh under 15kgs when battery removed.

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