Cyrusher’s Ripple, The World's First Electric Snowboard
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Cyrusher’s Ripple, The World’s First Electric Snowboard

Image showcasing Cyrusher Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard
  • Cyrusher, a premier e-bikes brand, unveiled Ripple, the world’s first electric snowboard, revolutionizing the future of winter sports.
  • The Ripple boasts a 156cm board size, within the Camber snowboard category.
  • Cyrusher’s Ripple is an industry trailblazer featuring cutting-edge electric motors to enhance the snowboarding experience.

Introducing the Ripple, the world’s first electric snowboard from Cyrusher, a leading e-bike manufacturer, heralding a transformative era for winter sports. Meticulously engineered using a blend of composite materials, featuring a sturdy wooden core, fortified with fiberglass, and accentuated by carbon edges, the Ripple exemplifies Cyrusher’s unwavering dedication to resilience and excellence.


High-Powered Performance and Long-lasting Battery

Image showcasing Cyrusher Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard

With a robust 3000-watt motor integrated into the snowboard, the Ripple delivers heart-pounding top speeds of up to 50 km/h. Including a high-voltage-resistant MOSFET and an advanced heat dissipation system further enhances the controller’s longevity and performance.

The electric power system of the Ripple electric snowboard relies on a low-temperature resistant battery utilizing a Molicel 21700 P42A 4200mAh 45A configuration, thus providing a 12.6 Ah capacity. This innovative battery setup propels the Ripple to cover 15-20 kilometers on a single charge.

Customizable Ride Comfort and Versatile Rider Accommodation

The Ripple introduces an adjustable independent suspension with manual wheel height adjustment. This advanced feature allows riders to customize their ride to perfection based on individual preferences or the terrain’s demands. With the ability to adjust the wheel height, riders of the electric snowboard can optimize their snowboarding experience for different snow conditions and landscape shapes.

With an impressive maximum load capacity of 250 lbs and accommodating rider sizes from 160-190cm, the Ripple serves a wide range of riders. It ensures stability for individuals of all sizes – the small, the tall, and everyone in between. The snowboard weighs in at a total of 15kg. Cyrusher meticulously crafted it to strike a delicate balance between portability and performance. The Ripple is available at a competitive price of $2,499.00, making it an excellent investment for winter sports enthusiasts.

Image showcasing Cyrusher Ripple, the world's first electric snowboard

The Ripple incorporates eco-friendly technology, ensuring that you’re doing it sustainably while you’re out enjoying the snow. Its battery system is long-lasting and quickly rechargeable, providing hours of snowboarding fun on a single charge and reducing the downtime between rides. Furthermore, Ripple’s energy-efficient design ensures minimal energy waste, aligning with the values of the environmentally-conscious snowboarder. With the Ripple electric snowboard, you’re enjoying the sport you love and playing your part in its sustainability for future generations.



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