Polestar Showcasing New Models and Concepts in Abu Dhabi
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Polestar Showcasing New Models and Concepts in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Polestar Showcase
  • Polestar, an innovative EV manufacturer, challenges conventional car design with the freedom offered by EV architecture.
  • Launching five performance EVs by 2026, Polestar’s recent rollout of four new products showcases their commitment to breaking design norms and embracing cutting-edge technology.
  • An earlier showcase in Abu Dhabi spotlighted their visionary approach to shaping the future of electric mobility.

Since 2017, the Polestar brand has been dedicated to creating electric performance cars. With an innovative spirit and a strong racing history, the brand has been pushing the envelope when it comes to design, and they showed off some of their “out of the box” current and future vehicles earlier this year to audiences in Abu Dhabi.

Designing the Future

Polestar 2 MY24 showcased in Abu Dhabi

Maximilian Missoni, the Head of Design at Polestar, understands the paradigm shift that the EV revolution has sparked. “The shift to electric vehicles, and the architecture they employ – we no longer have to package bulky engines, fuel tanks, and complicated drivetrain components – allows us greater freedom to explore the proportions and form of our cars,” says Missoni. 

With an unconventional approach, Polestar is embracing the creative liberty offered by electric mobility, breaking away from the shackles of legacy design constraints.

Polestar’s decision to launch five performance EVs by 2026 is more than just a numbers game; it’s a declaration of their intent to help redefine the automotive landscape. The company plans to roll out four new products in the next three years, positioning themselves as pioneers of innovation and design. 

These new offerings aren’t merely concepts – the technology showcased in Polestar’s cutting-edge concept cars is now integrated into their recently launched production vehicles. When these vehicles are viewed side-by-side, it’s a striking testament to Polestar’s commitment to design evolution and futuristic thinking. And in Abu Dhabi earlier this May, the world got a firsthand glimpse of this visionary approach.

The Road Ahead: Shaping Iconic and Intelligent Mobility

Missoni emphasizes, “We are now launching a new car every year, establishing our brand identity at the same time. We have gone from a blank sheet of paper to a cohesive and progressive line-up that spans price brackets and vehicle sectors in just a few short years.” 

This rapid evolution from a blank canvas to a spectrum of state-of-the-art vehicles demonstrates Polestar’s unique opportunity to push boundaries while creating something truly iconic, intelligent, and pure.

Polestar isn’t just focused on aesthetics; they’re equally passionate about enhancing the user experience. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism, they’ve simplified the way drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles. By removing unnecessary barriers, Polestar has streamlined the driving experience. 

Forget traditional start buttons and exhaust pipes – welcome to the era of the “SmartZone.” Innovative air purification systems and a reimagined SUV concept add to the brand’s commitment to function meeting form.

Missoni encapsulates their approach in this way: “Alongside this pure minimalism we want our designs to be iconic, with bold exterior and sophisticated interior design, taking big steps in sustainability in the materials we use while offering a unique digital experience that the current tech-savvy consumers demand.” 

At the heart of this vision was the remarkable display of Polestar’s innovative spirit on the stage in Abu Dhabi. As the lights shone brightly on their new models and concepts, Polestar cemented their status as leaders of electric mobility’s exciting future.



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