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Ford’s F-150 Lightning Platinum Black has a bold matte style melded with advanced tech for a truly special edition of the EV truck.
Zeeba, a fleet management company, will move toward electrifying its fleet with Ford EVs and Ford Pro Charging Stations.
Ford drops F-150 Lightning prices, making it more affordable. Costs and production issues led to earlier hikes. Big win for electric pickups!
Myth busting the falsehood that electric vehicles cost too much.
Ford accelerates EV development, focusing on Model E and F-150 Lightning, addressing infrastructure challenges for a seamless customer experience.
Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning: 515 km range, powerful features. Launching this spring!
The base price for an all-electric Lightning pickup is been creeping up, it’s now 40% higher than it was at the start of 2022!
Ford sent a pair of F-150 Lightning pickups to aid the Kentucky flood response, providing mobile power to help families regain power.
Bad guys beware – the new Ford F-150 Lightning PRO SSV promises to be the biggest, baddest, electrical-est cop car on the road!
Ford F-150 Lightning buyers got an unexpected gift when their truck arrived: an adapter to charge Tesla that have run out of juice.



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